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Exciting partnership with Fox 32/My 50 highlights teacher creativity



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We’re excited to welcome teachers, artists and community creators to join the Chicago Teachers Union and Fox32/My50 in launching innovative programming that provides broadcast video lessons to students across the city during the current crisis.

Many children have limited to no access to internet or enabled-devices, so this programming will serve as a lifeline, connecting your homes to their homes through educational entertainment.

Check it out and tell your students:

Tune In!

#WeStillTeach TV
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Every Saturday
Channel 50

Find your channel based on provider below:

Comcast / Xfinity:HD 184 / SD 8
Direct TV, Dish:50
ATT UVerse:HD 1008 / SD 8
RCN:HD 608 / SD 8
WOW:HD 204 / SD 8

Prior episodes are now available for streaming at Fox32/My50. And new episodes are added each day after they air!

Fox32/My 50 We Still Teach Page

Submit Your Video

Let your students and their families see your creativity on broadcast TV. Click for the Google form to submit your video. Follow the guidelines on this page.

Guidelines for Submissions

As you begin to think of ideas for content to submit, please review the following guidelines and technical tips that will help you create material that is appropriate for broadcast.

For Teachers

We’re looking for lessons between 2 and 10 minutes in length in all subjects (Reading, Writing, STEM, Art, Social Studies, History, etc.). We’re also interested in lessons in other languages, especially Spanish, and would love to program more in ASL. #WeStillTeach TV also remains committed to airing any content that advances the struggles of the marginalized communities where we teach.
You can submit your content here, and there are further pointers about how and what to contribute to the show below.

Tips for structuring your lessons

  • Start strong with a hook, just like you’d do in the classroom

  • Get into the meat of the lesson in a visual way — think project, demo, performance

  • Wrap up with an assignment for viewers at home: what can they do to continue the learning together on their own?

  • Make it personal — show us your passion for this topic!

Our show is planning some special themed episodes this season building on the idea that we get the most out of remote learning when we consider that the world is our classroom. Starting with Episode 1, for example, we will be welcoming students back by exploring the idea of Chicago as a gateway to the world. Help your students explore their city through your eyes — or just send us a cheerful “welcome back” message that we can include in the show!

This season, we’ll also be exploring Indigenous Peoples Day, the upcoming November election, and continuing our Black Lives Matter At School programming, so please send us any content you have that might fit those topics, or reach out to our team to give you feedback about an idea of your own.

For Community Creators

We welcome content from the community that is fun, entertaining, educational and diverse. Ideal run time is 1-2 minutes though, depending on the content and subject matter, we may be able to divide longer pieces into segments. Please note that your content may be edited to fit into available slots. Also, the show will have programming grouped into K-3, 4-8 and K-12 all ages, so consider that when creating. Also, be mindful of language beyond swearing. Make sure you scrub your content for words or comments (spoken or visible in your video) that would be inappropriate for children.

Important Details for Content Contributors


For your video to be considered for broadcast, it must be completely free of all branding, logos, promotions, etc. Any and all branding will need to be hidden or covered and creators should be careful not to use any brand names when describing items. For example, say “phone” or “smartphone” instead of “iPhone”. Please be sure to check your surroundings, including what’s in your background, to remove any items that may be problematic.


Stories read aloud are a welcome addition to the programming line up. If you plan to read a story, please introduce books by author and title. In addition, If you are referencing any specific materials during lessons, please use the same guidelines and provide appropriate attribution.


In observance of broadcast standards, you are not permitted to use any music, background or otherwise, that you don’t own the rights to, which would include singing/playing instruments.


We are very excited to include programming that is reflective of our community. Whenever possible, teacher and community content should be diverse, inclusive and equitable in nature. Contributors are encouraged to think of creative ways to ensure that the children who are watching the show see themselves and other cultures represented in the content, curriculum and cast, when possible.

Social Media & Promotion

We encourage everyone to build excitement for this initiative on social media through the hashtag #WeStillTeach TV (space between #WeStillTeach and TV). In light of the audience for this content, please be wary of language in your posts. Content chosen for broadcast may be reused several times during the show run. With that in mind, creators should refrain from posting/reposting their content online until after the 6 week broadcast window has passed. If your content was aired, you may use the statement “This video was a part of the Chicago Teachers Union’s #WeStillTeach TV broadcast initiative, which aired on Fox32/My50” with the date on posts after the broadcast window has closed.

This Quick Tip guide summarizes what’s above and includes tips for how to record high-quality video and audio using your smartphone in your own home.

Submit Your Video

Let your students and their families see your creativity on broadcast TV. Click for the Google form to submit your video. Follow the guidelines on this page.