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CTU teachers, clinicians, PSRPs and retirees pay dues to ensure the Union has the resources to protect member rights, communicate with members and the public, and organize for power. Find information on current dues rates here.
CTU is a member-funded, member-run organization and dues fund our independence. Our Union depends on dues to pay for everything from defending our contract and paying staff salaries to printing picket signs and bringing lawyers to bargaining.

In accordance with Article II of the CTU Bylaws, all dues are calculated based on the Lane 1, Step 6 salary in the district contract for the current school year, plus fees that are passed through to the CTU from our state and national unions (the AFT and IFT). This formula has not changed. Dues are deducted from twenty (20) pay periods from September through early June of each year.

A note on taxes

Major tax reform was approved by Congress in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) on December 22, 2017. This tax reform affects almost everyone who itemized deductions on tax returns they filed in previous years. Unfortunately, the law suspends the deduction for job-related expenses or other miscellaneous itemized deductions that exceed 2 percent of adjusted gross income. This includes unreimbursed employee expenses such as uniforms, union dues, and the deduction for business-related meals, entertainment and travel.

The most reliable confirmation for the amount of CTU dues paid for calendar 2021 is your pay check stub.

Dues for Members at District-run Schools

CPS Teacher & PSRP Dues

Based on 1 percent of Lane 1-Step 6 total compensation plus pass through charges. (Pass through charges are the increases in IFT and AFT per capita payments, as approved in the 1982 referendum of CTU membership.)

FY 23 Member Dues and Affiliate Pass-Throughs
Member DuesFTE CTU MembersPSRP/Partial/Non FTE
Lane 1 / Step 6 Compensation$72,696.0060% of FTE
Base Dues: 1 % of Lane 1/Step 6$726.96$436.18
Additional: SY 22/23 Share of Pass Thrus$515.04$309.02
SY 22/23 Annual Total Dues$1,242.00 $745.19
CPS Dues Deduction: 20 paycheck dates
from September 2022 thru June 2023
Per Capita Pass-Through Monies for Federation Affiliations
Member Pass ThruFTEPSRP/Partial/Non-FTE
AFT Insurance$4.20$4.20
SY 22/23 Affiliate Charged Pass Thrus$643.00$349.22
Est. Portion of DUES COLLECTED for Pass Thrus
Last Year’s Amount$497.86$298.72
Add Change in Year’s Pass Thru$1.77$1.10
AFT/IFT Pass Thru Increase$15.41$9.20
Total Estimated Pass Thrus$515.04$309.02
SY 22/23 Annual CTU Direct Member Dues Collected$515.04$309.02
Est. CTU Subsidy of Pass Thrus$127.96$40.20
% of Pass Thrus Subsidized19.90%11.51%
Estimated amount of member dues directly impacting CTU$599.00$395.97

Dues for Members at Charter Schools

Dues StatusSalary ConstraintAnnual DuesDues / 20 paychecksDues / 18 paychecks
Members other than Paraprofessional$59,894* or more$1,242.00$ 62.10$69.00
$48,065* or more but less than $59,894*1% of salary AND $515.04Annual / 20 AND $25.75Annual / 18 AND $28.61
Less than $48,065*$745.20$37.26$41.40
Paraprofessionals and School-related PersonnelN/A$745.20$37.26$41.40

* Base + Step Compensation before pension pickup

Retired Members and Inactive Associates

The annual dues for Inactive Associate Members and Retired Functional Group Members shall be $50.00 per Article 2-2.c of the CTU By-laws.

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