Educators of Chicago

Our union is about the people who care for Chicago’s students standing together and lifting one another. Chicago loves our educators because they see how we value their children. It is important that the whole city – including our own members – learn the stories of everyday dedication that members exhibit.

Read a story about your fellow CTU member and take the time to share the story of an educator you admire.

Joe Passi shares his optimism, his love of life, his insight, his empathy and his tenacity each day in the classroom.
Erik Young says his teaching and his life are just like his poetry and his rhymes. “I live and teach that way, against the grain."
Fulton Elementary music teacher says music is instrumental to learning because it is one of the few subjects where you utilize both parts of your brain.
Love is a pretty serious occupational hazard, says Halle Quezada, and teaching is a pretty serious occupation.