Educators of Chicago

Our union is about the people who care for Chicago’s students standing together and lifting one another. Chicago loves our educators because they see how we value their children. It is important that the whole city – including our own members – learn the stories of everyday dedication that members exhibit.

Read a story about your fellow CTU member and take the time to share the story of an educator you admire.

Photo of CTU member Rogelio Aguilar.
Greeting his students brightens every day for Marquette teacher Rogelio Aguilar.
Photo of CTU member Vicki Kurzdylo.
Veteran educator makes good trouble to advance her students’ and union’s needs.
Photo CTU member Debby Pope.
Many twists and turns marked movement veteran Debby Pope’s road to the classroom.
Photo of Westinghouse College Prep science teacher Nina Hike.
Science and social justice converge in Nina Hike’s classroom.
Photo of CTU Field Rep Adriana Cervantes.
Adriana Cervantes wants to help members help themselves.
Photo of CTU member Duwuana Buice in a library holding a children's book.
We Care ambassador Duwuana Buice says program helps her be the best teacher she can be.
Photo of CTU field rep Jose Jimenez.
CTU Field Rep José Jiménez didn't expect to stay in education, but his students proved him wrong.
Kathryn Zamarrón wearing a red CTU t-shirt.
Teaching music is an adventure every hour for Disney educator Kathryn Zamarrón
Photo of CTU organizer Nora Flanagan.
How roller derby helped Nora Flanagan stand up to the CPS school of hard-knocks.
Photo of CTU Health Services Nurse Jonlyn Miller.
From educator to school nurse, the smiles and love are the same for Jonlyn Miller.
Photo of CTU member Josh Lerner.
Josh Lerner’s journey to “day-after-day honest and hard work in service to others.”
Photo of CTU member Sol Camano.
Preschool teacher Sol Camano uses her “bilingual superpower” to support, nurture her students.
Photo of CTU Operations Manager Romel Ferguson.
Meet Romel Ferguson, the man who keeps our union running like clockwork
Photo of CTU Field Rep Jed Schenkier and his three boys.
Enamored with CTU, Field Rep Jared Schenkier found his calling in the classroom.
Photo of CTU member Aoko Omwony-Hope holding her award for Illinois Elementary Arts Educators of the Year.
For award winning art educator Aoko Omwony-Hope, elementary art education is where her heart is.