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Elections and Voting

The Chicago Teachers Union is the most democratic institution devoted to this city’s schools and those who make them work. Below are notices and rules related to the elections that make our democracy robust.

Notice of Election for Executive Board Vacancies

The Rules and Elections Committee has approved these procedures for nomination and election to three (3) vacant Elementary Teacher Functional Vice President positions.

Notice of Election for Citywide Delegate Vacancies

Nominations and an election for citywide functional groups that have delegate vacancies will be held in spring 2021. Nominations will be taken on May 25 & 27. Election will be held June 3 & 4.

Notice of Elections

for the 2021-2023 three-year delegate term, throughout the Union.

Delegate positions in every school and for every citywide functional group will require new nominations and, if contested, elections starting December 1, 2020 for delegates to be seated at the February 2021 House meeting.

School Delegate Election Supplemental Procedures

The CTU Executive Board approved these procedures for conducting elections to fill school delegate vacancies while in-person meetings are not possible.