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Elections and Voting

The Chicago Teachers Union is the most democratic institution devoted to this city’s schools and those who make them work. Below are notices and rules related to the elections that make our democracy robust.

New Executive Board Member

Congratulations to Paula Barajas, new FVP for Elementary Teachers!

Two members were nominated for Functional Vice President of Elementary School Teachers at the January 8, 2020 House of Delegates meeting. At the February 5, 2020 House of Delegates meeting, all voting delegates who are members of the Elementary School Teachers functional group had an opportunity to vote for one candidate to fill an unexpired term for Functional Vice President of Elementary School Teachers on the CTU Executive Board. Paula Barajas received the most votes.

New Executive Board Member

Members of the Rules and Elections Committee counted the mail in ballots for the Retiree Functional VP election between Therese Boyle and Howard Heath.

Congratulations to Howard Heath, for his election to the position of Functional Vice President for Retirees.  The ballots were counted by the members of the Rules and Elections Committee on the evening of Thursday, February 13, 2020.  Of the 668 ballots cast, one was blank. 

Candidate                    Votes           Percentage

Therese Boyle               273                 40.93%

Howard Heath              394                 59.07%     

Having received more than 50% of the votes, Howard Heath is the new retiree Functional VP.

Contract Ratification Vote Totals

On November 14 and 15, 2019, the Chicago Teachers Union ratified our new contract by a total of 89% to 19%. See school-by-school results of that vote.

2019 Officer Election Results

On May 17, 2019, the membership of the Chicago Teachers Union re-elected the Caucus of Rank-and-file Educators to lead the union. Download tallies for more than 200 offices filled in this election.

Delegate Election Procedures

In 2018, the Chicago Teachers Union revised its constitution. In association with these changes, the CTU Rules-Elections Committee updated the delegate election procedures.