Union Democracy

The Chicago Teachers Union is the most democratic institution devoted to this city’s schools and those who make them work. Each month, hundreds of delegates representing every school and type of educator gather to pool our knowledge and collective will. In this section, find documents, updates and tools about our democratic processes and institutions.

How Our Democracy Works

The most powerful body in the CTU is the membership, itself. Delegates are entrusted to leadership in our democracy and in the workplace, while officers and other elected leaders work day to day…

Citywide Teacher, Clinician and PSRP Election Procedures, 2024–2026 Delegate Term

These are the key dates and procedures for election of citywide delegates for the 2024-26 Delegate Term from the January 12, 2024 Notice of Nomination Meeting to the March 4 meeting through the April election.

Results of Retiree Delegate Elections, 2024–26 Term

On Jan. 22, 2024 the Rules and Elections Committee counted the 461 ballots that were cast in the election of retiree delegates for the 2024-2026 term. The top 13 vote recipients will be seated at the House of Delegates Meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024

School Delegate Election Procedures

In January 2024, every school must hold an election for its delegates so they can be seated and attend the February 7, 2024 House of Delegates meeting. Even if only one person is interested in serving as delegate, the school must send record that the nomination meeting was held. Read and use the election materials packet to find the correct materials and timeline for this process. These procedures will remain in effect for any delegate election, including mid-term elections to fill a vacancy, unless and until the Rules & Elections committee supersedes them.

Rank & File Committees

Any member can get involved with citywide union activity by joining a committee. Committees help develop contract demands, policy, activism and more.

Constitution & By-Laws

We, teachers, and other educational personnel in the Chicago Public Schools, being members of the Chicago Teachers Union, do hereby declare this Union to have the following purposes…

Layoff Rights

Despite inadequate staffing and large class sizes, CPS continues to disrespect educators with layoffs that hurt our members, our students and our schools. Thanks to our contract, CPS is required to follow some rules when they make these layoffs and laid off teachers have rights.

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