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CTU committees are a great way for any member in the city to involve themselves in initiating policy, celebrating our unity and serving other educators like you. You don’t need to be elected to serve on a committee, just fill out the application.

To apply to a committee, you can complete our Request for Committee Membership form completely online.

You can also download this form and email it to President Sharkey and Lupe Coyle, as well as the staff liaison for the committee (linked below).

Or send via US Postal Service to:
c/o Jesse Sharkey, President
Chicago Teachers Union
1901 W. Carroll Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60612


*List subject to change

Bold = Standing Committees Plain Text = Ad Hoc or Sub Committees

Committees Liaisons Chairpersons
CW Special Ed Itinerant Teachers Maria Moreno Christa Lohman
Climate Justice Chris Baehrend Nicholas Limbeck
Clinicians Lisa Pattara-McGrane Emily Penn and Mary Difino
Counselors Gervaise Clay Lissette Flores and Venisa Beasley-Green
Displaced and Substitute Teachers Burma Green
Education Kathy Murray Les Plewa
Bilingual Education Rebecca Martinez Eva Corona
Early Childhood Lynn Cherkasky-Davis Kirstin Roberts and Caprice Phillips-Mitchell
Elementary Steering Kathy Murray Tina Franklin-Bertrand
High School Steering Martin Ritter Les Plewa and Mueze Bawany
Special Education Lisa Pattara-McGrane Natasha Carlsen and Katherine Osgood
The Arts Jennifer Johnson Gina Szulkowski
Human Rights Richard Berg Denita Armstrong-Shaffer
LGBTQIA+ Latoyia Kimbrough Noa Padowitz and Joseph Dunlap
Housing Jhoanna Maldonado and Sarah Rothschild Mueze Bawany
Legislative Kurt Hilgendorf Leonor Torres
Librarians Carol Caref Nora Wiltse
Membership Maria Moreno
New Organizing (CTU –ACTS) Chris Baehrend Jennifer Conant
PAVE John Kugler Evan Maniates
Pension-Insurance Annette Rizzo Jack Silver
Policies Stacy Davis Gates Stacy Davis Gates
Political Action Brandon Johnson and Martin Ritter
Professional Problems Jennifer Johnson Jackson Potter
PSRPs Jose Jimenez Marilyn Piggee
Public Relations & Communications Nathan Goldbaum Andrea Parker
Retired Members Tennille Evans Stephanie Collins
Rules-Elections Maria Moreno
Scholarship Walter Taylor Francine Greenberg-Reizen
School Finance and Taxation Pavlyn Jankov and Sarah Rothschild Jessica Suarez-Nieto
School Safety and Security Curtis Bynum Larnce White
Social Ronnie Reese
Sports and Extracurricular Martin Ritter and Kevin Hough Wendy Weingarten
Testing Carol Caref Aaron Bingea
Women’s Rights Jacquelyn Ward

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