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CTU committees are a great way for any member in the city to involve themselves in initiating policy, celebrating our unity and serving other educators like you. You don’t need to be elected to serve on a committee, just fill out the application.

To apply to a committee, you can complete our Request for Committee Membership form completely online.

You can also download this form and email it to President Sharkey and Lupe Coyle, as well as the staff liaison for the committee (linked below).

Or send via US Postal Service to:
c/o Jesse Sharkey, President
Chicago Teachers Union
1901 W. Carroll Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60612


*List subject to change

Bold = Standing CommitteesPlain Text = Ad Hoc or Sub Committees

CW Special Ed Itinerant TeachersLisa Pattara-McGraneChrista Lohman
Climate JusticeChris BaehrendNicholas Limbeck
CliniciansJim CavalleroMary Difino
CounselorsGervaise ClayVenisa Beasley-Green and Carly Day
Displaced and Substitute TeachersJim Staros and Georgia WallerBurma Green
EducationKathy MurrayKirstin Roberts
Bilingual EducationRebecca MartinezLinda Perales
Early ChildhoodLynn Cherkasky-DavisDiane Castro and Caprice Phillips-Mitchell
Elementary SteeringJed Schenkier
High School SteeringKevin Hough
Special EducationLisa Pattara-McGraneNatasha Carlsen and Katherine Osgood
The ArtsJen JohnsonGina Szulkowski
HousingJhoanna Maldonado and Sarah RothschildMueze Bawany
Human RightsRichard BergDenita Armstrong-Shaffer
LGBTQIA+Latoyia Kimbrough
LegislativeKurt HilgendorfLeonor Torres
LibrariansCarol CarefNora Wiltse
MembershipMaria MorenoMaria Teresa Cosme
New Organizing (CTU –ACTS)Casey SweeneyJennifer Conant
PAVEEvan Maniates
Pension-InsuranceLashawn WallaceJack Silver
PoliciesStacy Davis GatesStacy Davis Gates
Political ActionBrandon Johnson and Martin RitterLeonor Torres
Professional ProblemsJennifer JohnsonJackson Potter
PSRPsMichael SmithMarilyn Piggee Williams
Public Relations & CommunicationsNathan GoldbaumAndrea Parker
Retired MembersTennille EvansStephanie Collins
Rules-ElectionsMaria MorenoSusan Sebesta
ScholarshipWalter TaylorFrancine Greenberg-Reizen
School Finance and TaxationPavlyn Jankov and Sarah RothschildJessica Suarez-Nieto
School Safety and SecurityCurtis BynumLarnce White
SocialRonnie Reese Lisa Catledge
Sports and ExtracurricularKevin Hough and Martin RitterWendy Weingarten
TestingCarol CarefAaron Bingea
Women’s RightsTerry RuddJacquelyn Ward

Join a Committee

CTU committees are a great way for any member to make a difference. Join one now!

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