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Chicago Union Teacher

The Chicago Union Teacher magazine is the official publication of the Chicago Teachers Union. The Union publishes it eight times a year (three times a year in print).
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No. 2 | October 2013
CTU PAC; Every Voice Counts; Pension Debate; The Principles That Unite Us; Special Education Class Size; Teacher Evaluation; The Good,
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No. 1 | September 2013
West Side Strike Story; Grievance Win; Organizing to Build a More Perfect Union; What It Means to Be a Union
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No. 7 | June 2013
Why We Fight “Right to Work”; May 17, 2013 Election Results; CTU Voter Registration Drive Underway; CTU in Toronto: at
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No. 6 | May 2013
School Closings Fight; CTU Members Vote on Leadership May 17; Research: The Impact of Early Childhood Testing; Your Rights: End
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No. 5 | April 2013
It’s Time for a Financial Transactions Tax!; Mayor Emanuel, CPS Want to Decimate School District; Gates Foundation Promotes Invalid Measures;
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No. 4 | Feb-March 2013
Pencils Down / Campaign Against Standardized Testing; Urban School Reform; All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Why We Need a
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No. 3 | January 2013
Special Report: The Pension Crisis; Commentary: CHA and CPS Policy; Commentary: What Would King Do?; Your Contract: Administrator Bullying; Media
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No. 2 | Nov-Dec 2012
Meet the New CEO: Dr. Barbara Byrd-Bennett; Contract Ratification Vote Results; Special Report: School Closings & the Destabilization of Chicago;
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No. 1 | Sep-Oct 2012
Strike 2012: Changing The Conversation; Contract Wins: Tentative Contract Agreement; Contract Fight: Protecting CTE; Community Board Profile: The Grassroot Collaborative;
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No. 8 | June 2012
Matt Farmer: Teachers Don’t Like Bullies; Journalist Ben Joravsky Talks Education; Brown v. The Board of Education 2012; Charter Schools;
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No. 7 | April-May 2012
Negotiations; Teacher Evaluation; Review: Teacher Incentives; Common Core; Study: Teachers Work Overtime; Corporations Cut Ties to ALEC; Legislative Update; CTU
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No. 6 | March 2012
Education Reform: Where’s the Debate?; Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve; Vision & Hearing Grievance Win; Strike History; Bea Lumpkin: Retiree Delegate;
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No. 5 | February 2012
CTU Endorsements; City Hall Sit-In; Marilyn Foster; Martin Luther King Day Rallies; Women in CTU History; Congratulations New NBCTs; Curie
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No. 4 | January 2012
I Will Get Justice; Delegates: The Lifeblood; Seeing the Forest and the Trees; Fighting Closings & Turnarounds; Technical Educators; Taking
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No. 3 | Nov-Dec 2011
LEAD Dinner; Legislative Program; Chicago Class Sizes Among Largest; Common Core Standards Team; Share Lesson Plans!; Must-Read Teacher Books; Collective
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No. 2 | October 2011
Unleash the Power of 30,000; CTU Wins Back Right to Teach; Legislative Alert! Pension Attacks; Ten Thousand Protest Corporate Greed;
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No. 1 | September 2011
How We Spent Our Summer; Pension Bill; Our PAC Is Our Power; Merit Pay; Coasting Through Physics; Negotiating Our Contract;
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No. 8 | June 2011
Year in Review, Summer Checklist; Area 11; Grievances; Troublemakers School; Quest Annual School Improvement Conference; CTU Members Already Work an
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No. 7 | May 2011
Senate Bill 7; “We Are One!”; Mayor-elect Emanuel Announces J.C. Brizard for CEO; Board of Education; Where the money is:
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No. 6 | April 2011
PSRPs: Making a Difference Every Day; PSRPs Battle-Ready After AFT Conference; Filling Vacancies for Functional Vice Presidents; Join the Human
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No. 5 | March 2011
Wisconsin; Diane Ravitch; Nancy B. Jefferson School; Historic Union Fights; Triangle Factory Fire; Delegates Not Present February 14, 2010; CTU’s
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No. 4 | February 2011
Legislative: Endorsement Process & Update; Our Platform to Strengthen Schools; Municipal Endorsements; Don’t Mourn, Organize: Area 11; Pension Update; Nurse’s
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No. 3 | Dec 2010-Jan 2011
Defending Illinois Education; Don’t Mourn, Organize: Area 11; School Closings: What to Watch For, What to Do; Municipal Update; Nurse’s
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No. 2 | November 2010
Legislative Updates; Teaching Social Justice; Social Justice Curriculum Fair; The First 100 Days: A Progress Report; Don’t Mourn, Organize: Kelvyn
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No. 1 | Sep-Oct 2010
Standing Up to the Board; Quest Center’s 13th National Board Cohort; Whittier Families Take Action; Largest Ever Turnout for CPS
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