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Chicago Union Teacher

The Chicago Union Teacher magazine is the official publication of the Chicago Teachers Union. The Union publishes it eight times a year (three times a year in print).
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No. 4 | Feb-March 2013
Pencils Down / Campaign Against Standardized Testing; Urban School Reform; All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Why We Need a
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No. 3 | January 2013
Special Report: The Pension Crisis; Commentary: CHA and CPS Policy; Commentary: What Would King Do?; Your Contract: Administrator Bullying; Media
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No. 2 | Nov-Dec 2012
Meet the New CEO: Dr. Barbara Byrd-Bennett; Contract Ratification Vote Results; Special Report: School Closings & the Destabilization of Chicago;
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No. 1 | Sep-Oct 2012
Strike 2012: Changing The Conversation; Contract Wins: Tentative Contract Agreement; Contract Fight: Protecting CTE; Community Board Profile: The Grassroot Collaborative;
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No. 8 | June 2012
Matt Farmer: Teachers Don’t Like Bullies; Journalist Ben Joravsky Talks Education; Brown v. The Board of Education 2012; Charter Schools;
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No. 7 | April-May 2012
Negotiations; Teacher Evaluation; Review: Teacher Incentives; Common Core; Study: Teachers Work Overtime; Corporations Cut Ties to ALEC; Legislative Update; CTU
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No. 6 | March 2012
Education Reform: Where’s the Debate?; Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve; Vision & Hearing Grievance Win; Strike History; Bea Lumpkin: Retiree Delegate;
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No. 5 | February 2012
CTU Endorsements; City Hall Sit-In; Marilyn Foster; Martin Luther King Day Rallies; Women in CTU History; Congratulations New NBCTs; Curie
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No. 4 | January 2012
I Will Get Justice; Delegates: The Lifeblood; Seeing the Forest and the Trees; Fighting Closings & Turnarounds; Technical Educators; Taking
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No. 3 | Nov-Dec 2011
LEAD Dinner; Legislative Program; Chicago Class Sizes Among Largest; Common Core Standards Team; Share Lesson Plans!; Must-Read Teacher Books; Collective
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No. 2 | October 2011
Unleash the Power of 30,000; CTU Wins Back Right to Teach; Legislative Alert! Pension Attacks; Ten Thousand Protest Corporate Greed;
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No. 1 | September 2011
How We Spent Our Summer; Pension Bill; Our PAC Is Our Power; Merit Pay; Coasting Through Physics; Negotiating Our Contract;
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No. 8 | June 2011
Year in Review, Summer Checklist; Area 11; Grievances; Troublemakers School; Quest Annual School Improvement Conference; CTU Members Already Work an
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No. 7 | May 2011
Senate Bill 7; “We Are One!”; Mayor-elect Emanuel Announces J.C. Brizard for CEO; Board of Education; Where the money is:
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No. 6 | April 2011
PSRPs: Making a Difference Every Day; PSRPs Battle-Ready After AFT Conference; Filling Vacancies for Functional Vice Presidents; Join the Human
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No. 5 | March 2011
Wisconsin; Diane Ravitch; Nancy B. Jefferson School; Historic Union Fights; Triangle Factory Fire; Delegates Not Present February 14, 2010; CTU’s
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No. 4 | February 2011
Legislative: Endorsement Process & Update; Our Platform to Strengthen Schools; Municipal Endorsements; Don’t Mourn, Organize: Area 11; Pension Update; Nurse’s
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No. 3 | Dec 2010-Jan 2011
Defending Illinois Education; Don’t Mourn, Organize: Area 11; School Closings: What to Watch For, What to Do; Municipal Update; Nurse’s
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No. 2 | November 2010
Legislative Updates; Teaching Social Justice; Social Justice Curriculum Fair; The First 100 Days: A Progress Report; Don’t Mourn, Organize: Kelvyn
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No. 1 | Sep-Oct 2010
Standing Up to the Board; Quest Center’s 13th National Board Cohort; Whittier Families Take Action; Largest Ever Turnout for CPS
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No. 8 | June 2010
An estimated 4,000 turn out for CTU rally; Read President Stewart’s last column of the school year; Catch the latest
Read more.
No. 7 | May 2010
15,000 protesters jam Springfield urging more funds for education; View pictures from the recent city-wide and PSRP informational meetings; News
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No. 6 | April 2010
Arbitration win ‘a great victory’ for teachers; CTU officers, staff and members sat down for dinner with Dr. Diane Ravitch,
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No. 5 | Feb-Mar 2010
CPS votes to close, consolidate, phase-out and turnaround schools; Get the latest news from the AFL-CIO and the AFT; Meet
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No. 4 | Dec 2009-Jan 2010
Important governance issues set forth in November referendum; Stay up-to-date on the latest CTU news; Get ideas for your classroom
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Fighting for Fair Contracts

CTU is fighting for quality pay and benefits (including health care), full staffing in our schools, smaller class sizes and justice for students and families. Get updates and resources for our contract fights here.

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