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Chicago Union Teacher

The Chicago Union Teacher magazine is the official publication of the Chicago Teachers Union. The Union publishes it eight times a year (three times a year in print).
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No. 6 | April 2016
Letters: Union Strong Retirees; A PSRP Poem: “We Don’t Sleep”; Pension Fund Issues; Another Contract Victory: Bill Hannah Made Whole;
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No. 5 | February 2016
Contract Wars: The CTU Strikes Back; Negotiations Continue After Mass March for Fair Contract; Wearing Retirement Well; CTU Wins Back
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No. 4 | January 2016
Teaching Laquan McDonald in Context; CTPF Challenges Investment Bank Practices; 20th Day Layoffs Victories; Counselor at Clemente HS; Student Activism;
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No. 3 | Nov-Dec 2015
CPS Breaks Caseload Law, and Now It Has to Pay; Walk-Ins at Your School; Zombie Board of Dead-ucation; Fruit from
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No. 2 | October 2015
Professional Personnel Leadership Committees; Rehiring Guidelines; Suspension Risk in Schools Serving Most Vulnerable; Empowering Students in Police Interactions; Use Recertification
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No. 1 | September 2015
Teacher Wins Excellence in Science Award; Save Dyett; Union Summer; Contract Enforcement; Our District; Forrest Claypool; Budget; Teacher Vacancies; Broke
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No. 8 | June 2015
Trans Student Policy; Collective Bargaining; CTU Latino Caucus; Susan Sadlowski Garza; YOUNG ARTIST AWARDS; Grievance; Evaluation; CPS Whistleblower Reinstated; Race
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No. 7 | April-May 2015
Pension Matters; Election 2015; Rauner’s Budget; A Just Chicago Rally; Hello, My Name Is: A Question of Respect; DELEGATES; 2015
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No. 6 | March 2015
Chicago Election; Network Chief Threatens Union Activists; 2015 Young Artist Contest; An Alternative to the 1%; How Can We Not
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No. 5 | February 2015
Illegally Fired Pregnant Teachers; The “Real” Rauner Returns; Clinician Steering Committee; POLITICS: Chicago’s Municipal Elections; SPECIAL SECTION: CLASSROOM WARFARE -
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No. 4 | January 2015
Teacher-Administration Unity; Teacher Wins Retaliation Case; How Unions Can Survive and Thrive; Hands Up, Don’t Test: Police Brutality and Education
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No. 3 | December 2014
Politics: Setting The Course; United Working Families; CTU Election Day Efforts; ‘Unity Is Power’ at 2014 LEAD; Blow the Whistle
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No. 2 | Oct-Nov 2014
Online Learning: Flaws and Fallacies; Our Contract Wins; Politics: How We’re Changing the Narrative; CTU and the Halls of Power;
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No. 1 | September 2014
Retiree Corner; A New and Improved Contract; Career and Technical Education; Reclaiming Chicago; CTU Summer Organizing; Deferred Pay; CTU Summer
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No. 8 | May-June 2014
The Year In Review; A Dream Deferred; School-Based Budgeting “Bottom Ten”; The Lasalle Street Tax; Grievance Department Year In Review;
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No. 7 | April 2014
Empowering Young People Through Technology; Who Really Benefits From Blended Learning?; STEM: Not For Everyone; Would Your Students Like the
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No. 6 | March 2014
CTU Delegates: The Power Within; Why I Became a School Delegate; Meet the CTU Clinician PPC; A Strong Year for
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No. 5 | February 2014
Taking on the Tests (Interview); The Fallacy of Stagnating Test Scores ; The War on the Impoverished; CTU Celebrates School
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No. 4 | January 2014
The Role for Collaboration in the Corporate Education Plan; Teacher Evaluation Study Groups; Substitute Teachers; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s
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No. 3 | Nov-Dec 2013
PSRPs: A Proud History; Layoff Impact on PSRPs; PSRP Profiles; Teachers Triumph Over Unfair Labor Practices at Kennedy; Clemente Counselor
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No. 2 | October 2013
CTU PAC; Every Voice Counts; Pension Debate; The Principles That Unite Us; Special Education Class Size; Teacher Evaluation; The Good,
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No. 1 | September 2013
West Side Strike Story; Grievance Win; Organizing to Build a More Perfect Union; What It Means to Be a Union
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No. 7 | June 2013
Why We Fight “Right to Work”; May 17, 2013 Election Results; CTU Voter Registration Drive Underway; CTU in Toronto: at
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No. 6 | May 2013
School Closings Fight; CTU Members Vote on Leadership May 17; Research: The Impact of Early Childhood Testing; Your Rights: End
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No. 5 | April 2013
It’s Time for a Financial Transactions Tax!; Mayor Emanuel, CPS Want to Decimate School District; Gates Foundation Promotes Invalid Measures;
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The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve 2.0

This 2018 update to CTU’s 2012 report provides a counter-narrative to the corporate agenda on education and highlights the role of CTU’s campaigns, including for contracts, in fighting it.

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