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Administrative Transfer Window

Teachers will be able to transfer schools for Fall 2024 without principal permission from Sunday, March 24, 2024 to Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

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Note on the Official Union Publication

Starting in the 2023–24 school year, the CTU ceased publication of the monthly Chicago Union Teacher magazine in favor of weekly Member Bulletins sent via email.

10 Years After Rahm’s School Closings, Legislative Wins, We Care, Class Size Relief, Earth Day, NBCTs, Member Profiles: Marguerite Mahoney,
The fight for safe, supportive, sustainable charter schools; plus: Mayor. Brandon. Johnson.
Eyewitness: Vallas’s trail of destruction; Why We Must Elect Brandon Johnson; In Focus: New National Board Certified Teachers, 40 percent
Reigniting rainbow power; Brandon’s Better Chicago Agenda; Reports from the field; Worried about your pension? If Paul Vallas wins, you
Brandon Johnson, Parental leave expansion, Celebrating our member leaders, Foundation holiday support for families
Cover of December 2022 Chicago Union Teacher features Brandon Johnson, candidate for Mayor of Chicago.
A Mayor for ALL of Chicago ● Surviving the holiday season ● Climate Justice committee fights for green schools and
On Nov. 8, vote like your rights depend on it ● How we built PPC power at Drummond ● Charter
Fighting mayor’s budget cuts ● A year of firsts for LSCs ● Summer Organizing Institute, more

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