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The Chicago Union Teacher magazine is the official publication of the Chicago Teachers Union.
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Our podcast, CTU Speaks! is hosted by Andrea Parker and Jim Staros. We’ll chat about our union, enforcing our contract, and our fight for the schools our students and educators deserve.

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Note on the Official Union Publication

Starting in the 2023–24 school year, the CTU ceased publication of the monthly Chicago Union Teacher magazine in favor of weekly Member Bulletins sent via email.

President Sharkey: Thank you; School budgets must support the right to recovery; It takes a village to raise a good
Special Election Issue
Chicago Union Teacher, Volume 85, Number 5, April 2022 cover features a wall chart in Spanish about safety from a primary classroom made with cutouts of hands.
How Nixon safety committee flipped school to remote amid COVID crisis; teaching about Ukraine; PSRPs on the front lines
Honoring Karen’s legacy, LSC Power and Elections, Class size relief at Lane Tech, COVID Sick Days bill to get a
Chicago Union Teacher, Volume 85, Number 4, February 2022 cover features a table with a big sign that says Spanish and a number of children’s books in Spanish on a table.
Bilingual education committee, “Reparations Won” in the Classroom, Safety Through Solidarity, Parents Support You, Faith Mitchell of Carnegie, NBCTs, more…
Chicago Union Teacher, Volume 85, Number 3, December 2021 and January 2022 features protest in front of CPS headquarters with chairs labeled for problems facing schools and an organizer in an Oscar the Grouch costume.
Charter safety achievements, 2021 Year in Review, Student Voice Committees, Using federal protections for school cleanliness, We’ve got your backs,
Passing bills shows member power, New clinician positions, Journey to national board certification, Every teacher needs a Ms. Wolfolk, more
Elected Representative School Board is now law, LSC power and school safety, Mental health supports for students, more

Administrative Transfer Window

Teachers will be able to transfer schools for Fall 2024 without principal permission from Sunday, March 24, 2024 to Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

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