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Chicago Union Teacher

The Chicago Union Teacher magazine is the official publication of the Chicago Teachers Union. The Union publishes it eight times a year (three times a year in print).
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Administrative Transfer Window

Teachers will be able to transfer schools for Fall 2020 without principal permission between April 8, 2020 and May 23, 2020.

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No. 5 | March 2020
COVID-19 info center | Cleanliness survey | Common good in crisis | Saving Harper High
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No. 4 | Jan-Feb 2020
2020 legislative agenda | Special ed contract wins | Confronting white nationalism | Why SBB and SQRP must go
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No. 3 | December 2019
Sanctuary, housing and class size in the contract | City Hall walking the talk | What it means to be
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No. 2 | October-November 2019
What's in our TA and tools for enforcement | Changing the face of nursing in CPS | Students speak out
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No. 1 | September 2019
Know your bargaining team; The strike that brought teachers unions back from the dead; Watching “When They See Us” with
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No. 8 | June 2019
In This Issue: Gains made in Springfield, but equity agenda blocked; Fighting for our special ed students; As school year
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No. 7 | May 2019
Bargaining hard, but strike ready | Biographical material of candidates for union office | Standing up to standardized tests...
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No. 6 | March-April 2019
CTU 6 sets up wins | Bill to restore bargaining rights passes House | Lincoln Yards…
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No. 5 | February 2019
CTU endorsements matter; your vote matters | CICS educators win historic nine-day strike | Where do the leading mayoral candidates
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No. 4 | January 2019
We will not settle for less | CICS teachers moving toward strike | CICS bargaining update | Chicago students deserve
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No. 3 | Nov-Dec 2018
When we fight, we win! | A fair contract for charter PSRPs | What is a school without its heart?
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Oct. 2018 print cover
No. 2 | October 2018
Room to grow | It’s not free lunch; it’s a trap | Parking woes persistence pays off | Speak the
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Cover of the September 2018 Chicago Union Teacher
No. 1 | September 2018
Sustainable Community Schools | CTU Summer; Dare to Build | Revisiting the Schools Chicago’s Children Deserve | Creating a Different
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No. 8 | June 2018
Winning justice for every Chicago public school educator | Charter school operators fail to prioritize students and school staff in
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No. 7 | May 2018
The PPLC as our elected school board | CTU members honored at Coalition of Labor Union Women event | The
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No. 6 | March-April 2018
In this issue: Giving trans students the support they need; Black Lives Matter at Schools Week recap; The people,united |
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No. 5 | February 2018
Honest questions deserve honest answers; We are leaders in the movement | President’s Message; What #MeToo means in CPS; My
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No. 4 | January 2018
Breaking down barriers; Let’s fight together; Winds of change; Motivation behind the merger; CTU-ChiACTS unification F.A.Q. 2.0; Chicago Teachers Union
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No. 3 | Nov-December 2017
PSRPs: The backbone of our union | Parents and teachers come together to protect students and remove an abusive principal
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No. 2 | October 2017
Stronger together! | Educators—whether CTU members or charter teachers—share the same challenges no matter where we teach. Our collective power
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No. 1 | September 2017
Every Chicago Public School Is My School | In their State of the Union address, CTU officers outline plans for
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No. 8 | June 2017
YOUNG ARTIST AWARDS | Despite the almost routine character of the challenges we face, there are particular days that always
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No. 7 | May 2017
The global soul of public education | As bonds are formed with sisters and brothers abroad, CTU members are finding
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No. 6 | April 2017
The Chicago Teachers Union Foundation Quest Center is reshaping professional development by addressing the academic and socio-emotional needs of our
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No. 5 | March 2017
Our students are more than a score! How to use the liberating aspects of public education as a means to
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