Teachers and Staff at Charter Schools

Teachers and staff at unionized charter schools face many of the same issues as at district-run schools. On top of that, their schools are run by private corporations and non-profit groups that often diminish accountability while adding bureaucracy.

Charter Contracts

Winning recognition was important. Winning a strong contract is essential. Study your contract and discuss your rights with coworkers. Together, Union members and staff can make our schools better places to teach and learn.

Answers for Charter Educators Without a Union

Don’t have a union, but think you might need one? Get answers to common questions about education unions and learn how to explore your options to unite and empower your colleagues.

Is it possible for charter school teachers and staff to form unions?

Charter school teachers and staff have the same right to form a union as all public school employees. In many states, charter school teachers have begun to organize and bargain collectively for union contracts, just like traditional public school employees. Chicago charter school educators have been leading the way in this movement!

Know someone that may be interested in forming a union at their charter school?

The CTU is helping charter teachers across the city to unionize. CTU knows that what’s best for the educators and students at charter schools is not always what the charter operator CEO wants to hear. Charter teachers have said loud and clear that a formal and respected collective voice has let them make their schools better places to teach and better places for students to learn. If you know a charter school teacher or support staff member interested in starting a union, have them email CTU, call us at (312) 467-8852 or complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Know Your Rights

Download our Know Your Rights document to learn your right to organize and inform others about their own.

Charter Schools Represented by the CTU

Below, see the schools represented by CTU, organized by employer. Where an employer operates more than one campus represented by CTU, the campuses are listed in smaller type beneath the employer name. CTU charter contracts are provided on this website’s contracts page alongside the district contract.


  • Brighton Park Elementary
  • Bartolomé de las Casas Elementary
  • Sandra Cisneros Elementary
  • Roberto Clemente Elementary
  • Carlos Fuentes Elementary
  • Jovita Idár Elementary
  • Officer Donald J. Marquez Elementary
  • Octavio Paz Elementary
  • Esmeralda Santiago Elementary
  • Rufino Tamayo Elementary
  • Pfc. Omar Torres Elementary
  • Spc. Daniel Zizumbo Elementary
  • Sor Juana Inés del la Cruz (K-12)
  • Major Hector P Garcia MD High School
  • Victoria Soto High School


  • Haugan Middle School
  • Antonia Pantoja High School
  • Business & Finance High School
  • Early College High School


  • CICS: Northtown Academy
  • CICS: Ralph Ellison High School
  • CICS: Wrightwood

Chicago High School for the Arts

Christopher House Elementary School

EPIC Academy High School

Instituto del Progreso Latino

  • Instituto Justice and Leadership Academy
  • Instituto Health Science and Career Academy

Passages Charter School

Namaste Charter School

Youth Connections Charter Schools

  • YCCS: Association House High School
  • YCCS: Latino Youth High School
  • YCCS: Youth Connections Leadership Academy

Interested in Organizing a Union at a Charter School?

Organizers with the AFT charter organizing project are always ready to contact you confidentially. Fill out the form below and only use a personal email address (never your work email). Our organizers will contact you promptly.