Educators of Chicago

Our union is a fellowship of educators across this city who care for students and equip them for their destinies. As we band together for the common good, we must remind ourselves constantly of the amazing things that each of our teachers, paraprofessionals and clinicians do every day in support of children and their families. Take a minute here to read about your fellow CTU members as we celebrate their extraordinary efforts on behalf of students, colleagues and community.

Union Democracy

The Chicago Teachers Union is the most democratic institution devoted to this city’s schools and those who make them work. Each month, hundreds of delegates representing every school and type of educator gather to pool our knowledge and collective will. In this section, find documents, updates and tools about our democratic processes and institutions.

We’ve Got You

If you’re new to teaching or just to CPS, the Chicago Teachers Union is here to help. Learn more about the CTU and get some survival tips to help you facilitate the education your students deserve.

Members at Charter Schools

Educators at Charter Schools became CTU members in spring of 2018. These teachers and staff are first-class members in a special division of our union—known as CTU-ACTS—with special and varied needs and rights. This section delves into the specifics.

News for Members


Paycheck #24
Dec 1 all-day

For work performed November 5 through 18. This will be a full paycheck for ten days of work. See our Payroll Page for the full year’s information.

House of Delegates meeting @ CTU Center
Dec 6 @ 4:45 pm – 7:15 pm

Pre-meeting Q&A session will begin at 4:15 p.m. See the Delegates page for more information about House of Delegates Meetings. If you are a delegate and did not receive the notice for this meeting, please email Norma Albor to resolve any issues related to your designation as delegate. Delegates can access packet materials in the MemberLink Portal at

Paycheck #25 (90% Gross Pay)
Dec 15 all-day

For work performed November 19 through December 2. Paychecks will reflect only 90% of gross pay, due to the unpaid school closure day (made up at the end of the year, so annual salary is not impacted). This is a change from the original payroll plan, due to an agreement to move calendar dates to even out paychecks. Also bear in mind that some benefit deductions will not be reduced by the reduction in gross pay, so net pay will be less than 90 percent of a normal paycheck. See our Payroll Page for the full year’s information.

Last Day of Second Quarter
Dec 21 all-day

Visit the CPS calendar page for other dates and to download a PDF calendar.

School Improvement Day (Principal Directed), First Day of Q3
Dec 22 all-day

Visit the CPS calendar page for other dates and to download a PDF calendar.

Christmas Eve (CTU Office Closed)
Dec 24 all-day
Christmas Day (CTU Office Closed)
Dec 25 all-day
Winter Break (First Week Paid)
Dec 25 – Dec 29 all-day

See the CPS Calendar page for more dates and information.

Paycheck #26
Dec 29 all-day

For work performed December 3 through 16. This will be a full paycheck for ten days of work. See our Payroll Page for the full year’s information.

New Year’s Eve (CTU Office Closed)
Dec 31 all-day

Professional Development

Restorative. Relevant. Reflective. The Chicago Teachers Union Foundation QUEST CENTER for Professional Learning and Teacher Leadership is the premier professional development provider supporting Chicago’s public school educators through re-licensure, National Board Certification, and endorsements in which pre-service through veteran educators collaborate, network, and learn to improve their practice by addressing students’ cognitive development and social-emotional well-being through culturally responsive, trauma-sensitive learning environments.

National Board Certification

Nurturing Teacher Leadership, established in 1997, is the Chicago Teachers Union/Chicago Public Schools 2-year program of professional development and candidate support that prepares Chicago Public School teachers for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification, the highest credential a teacher can earn.

Nurturing Teacher Leadership has a success rate of more than 94%, twice the national average!

Learn more by attending our next Cohort Informational Meeting!

CTU Speaks! Podcast

Our podcast, CTU Speaks! is hosted by Andrea Parker and Jim Staros. We’ll chat about our union, enforcing our contract, and our fight for the schools our students and educators deserve.

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