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After lengthy delays caused by CPS’s ineptitude, the $25 million in additional funding we secured in our 2019 contract for sports programs and the educators who staff them will finally begin to be distributed in December 2021.
Thanks to the tireless advocacy of our sports committee, CPS has finally agreed to provide full FY21 payments by December 17, 2021 to almost 3,000 coaches, 85 ADs and 1,150 ES liaisons. This win is the result of the fearless organizing of our Sports Committee, including the excellent work of rank-and-file committee members Wendy Weingarten, Linda Peete, and Lynn Gerbec.

If you received an email from us indicating that you have a stipend coming to you, use the form below to look up all stipends that CPS has agreed to pay you.

If you didn’t get that email, but think you should receive a stipend, start with the lookup below. If no stipend is found for you in our database, please complete our sports stipend inquiry form and we will look into the matter for you.

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