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Your contract is powerful… if you use it! Educators should know the contract and work together to ensure that administrators abide by it. Union staff will help you learn and back you up every step of the way.

Common Concerns

Get help using your contract to defend your rights. We’ve put together a set of the most common contract enforcement needs and assembled toolkits to help you make use of your rights.

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Your contract defines your rights and responsibilities as agreed by the Board of Education or by charter school operator. Study the contract and you will have the knowledge to defend your rights. Union staff will help you enforce them.

Board of Education Contract

District-run schools are governed by the contract negotiated between the Board of Education and the Chicago Teachers Union.

E-Contract in Beta

The CTU Communications Department is developing an e-contract. The current, beta version includes all articles, appendices, salary tables and side letters for members working in district-run schools. In addition, it includes a salary lookup to help members see their projected salaries throughout the life of the contract. We encourage members to give it a try and to email feedback to Nathan Goldbaum.

E-Contract Beta

Other ways to read the contract

Full CPS Contract (PDF)

Contract changes from 2015–19 contract to 2019–24 contract

Highlights of the 2019–24 agreement

Older Contracts

For purposes of consultation, we provide older contracts below:

2015–19 Contract PDF

2012–2015 E-Contract

General CTU Information

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Your union field representative and organizer have your back. Find out which staff members are assigned to your school.

Current Contract

Your contract is powerful… if you use it! Union staff will help you learn your rights and will back you up every step of the way.