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Limits on Paperwork

Article 44-21 of the CTU-CPS Contract can be used to mitigate paperwork burden. Learn this language and use these materials to assert your rights with administrators.
The following materials were provided to participants in the Excessive Paperwork workshop at the March 8 & 10, 2018 Delegates, Building Reps and School Leaders Trainings. These materials will help members enforce Article 44-21 of the CTU-CPS contract.

Excessive Paperwork Checklist

PSRP Grievance Checklist

Grading True/False Activity

44-21. Limitations on Paperwork

If the BOARD, principals or other administrators require bargaining unit employees to complete any additional paperwork on a regular basis that is not required by law, whether the work is by paper or electronic, the BOARD shall reasonably mitigate the additional paperwork increase by eliminating other clerical work or paperwork for bargaining unit employees.

The Union will identify up to 30 items of paperwork that teachers are currently mandated to complete that they believe are redundant, obsolete or better (more efficiently and effectively) accomplished by other means. The Board will discuss those items with CTU and on those paperwork requirements on which there is agreement that the items are redundant, obsolete or better accomplished by other means, the Board shall eliminate that requirement promptly.

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