Grading, Testing and Paperwork

In recent years, the CTU has won new contract language designed to combat unreasonable workload requirements. This language strengthens teachers’ hand when it comes to negotiating over grading, testing and paperwork requirements.

Grading Relief

Securing relief from overly burdensome and/or controversial grading requirements was a key bargaining objective for the current CTU-CPS contract.

Curbing Standardized Tests

CTU members in CPS district-run schools have the opportunity to recover instructional time by eliminating excessive tests at their school.

Limiting Paperwork

Article 44-21 of the CTU-CPS Contract can be used to mitigate paperwork burden. Learn this language and use these materials to assert your rights with administrators.

General CTU Information

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Current Contract

Your contract is powerful… if you use it! Union staff will help you learn your rights and will back you up every step of the way.

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