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Substitute Teacher Issues

Substitute teachers play an essential role in our students‘ education and in making it possible for educators to survive CPS, being able to take days for professional development, personal business or take care of their health or that of family members. Substitute teachers have an especially difficult job, walking into classrooms day after day where they don’t have the advantage of long-standing relationships with students or the instructional arc of a unit plan. Below are resources to support these essential educators.

Substitute Teachers Handbook

The Chicago Teachers Union worked diligently to ensure that CPS produced this important document to provide guidance, support and expectations for substitute teachers.

Join the Displaced and Substitute Teachers Committee

The Displaced and Substitute Teachers Committee was established in 2010 to address the needs of members who are displaced from closed positions and/or who are substituting in classrooms. Click the button below to download the committee application form, which is to be completed and returned to President Jesse Sharkey for approval and assignment.

Find Your Union Representatives

Your union field representative and organizer have your back. Find out which staff members are assigned to your school.

Current Contract

Your contract is powerful… if you use it! Union staff will help you learn and back you up every step of the way.

Join a Committee

CTU committees are a great way for any member to make a difference. Join one now!

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