School Climate & Culture

Develop a Climate Action Plan for your School!

CTU members at times face disrespectful, hostile or unprofessional behavior by administrators. Behaviors such as workplace bullying, poor collaboration with staff, dismissal of our concerns, and unnecessary micromanagement have negatively impacted the climate at numerous schools. The low morale and high turnover among staff that can result from a poor school climate undermines student learning.

On this page you can find tools for CTU’s recommended protocol to address climate and culture issues at your school. This plan encourages you to bring together a majority of staff to raise issues directly with the administration; survey members to develop a Climate Action Plan (or CAP) with concrete solutions; give the administration an opportunity to work collaboratively to improve the school’s climate; return to staff to evaluate the success of the CAP; and modify the CAP for continued work if needed.

This plan can help unite staff and allow administrators to work collaboratively CTU members to identify and positively respond to school climate issues. We also believe this strategy will help put union members in a good position to pressure administrations that refuse to collaborate. You can use the tools linked below to address these issues.

For additional support in developing a plan for your school, please contact your CTU Field Representative or Organizer.