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Schedule Votes

Contract wins that bring create flexibility in the professional development schedule and add to everyone’s weekly preps require educators to make collective decisions. Together, CTU members have power in our schools.

Spring 2021

We will once again be using an “opt-in” model for voting on schedules and flex votes. If your PPC and Principal all agree that you want to maintain your current model, you need only notify CPS and CTU of your decision (details below). No vote will be necessary.

Principals should discuss schedule and flex-day options with their PPC as soon as possible but no later than Friday, 2021. This may be done in a regularly scheduled PPC meeting, a special meeting for this purpose, or, if no controversy is likely via email.

Elementary Schools

For elementary schools, there are two main decisions: how to use the two additional elementary school 15-minute preparation periods and, whether to use the default flex-days (August 23, August 24, 2021 and June 16, 2022) or whether/how to redistribute one or more of these days. Votes are between one alternative and the default.

2021 ES Easy Reference Guide
2021 ES School Schedule Guide
2021 ES Model Schedules (App. B)

High Schools

For high schools, you will need to vote on a schedule if you do not all agree to maintain the default, and, whether to use the default flex days (see above) or, if you wish to redistribute one or more of them, which model to use. Votes are between one alternative and the default.

2021 HS Easy Reference Guide
2021 HS Schedule Guidance
2021 HS Model Schedules (App. B)


For both elementary and high school, if your principal wants to propose a contract waiver to use a unique schedule that is not one of the options in the Handbook, a separate waiver vote must take place. Your principal should schedule a meeting, with 48-hour notice, for all members no later than 2021 to discuss the proposed waiver. A waiver vote is a YES/NO vote. If the waiver fails, the default schedule will apply.

Who Votes?

In a schedule or flex day vote, only teachers members assigned to the school may vote. In a waiver vote, all CTU members in the building may vote since the contract affects all of us and waiving any part of it is a serious decision that all should be part of.

Running the Vote on Any Changes

If your PPC and principal are all in agreement about a schedule/flex proposal, you can send the ballot question/s, along with your school name, your delegate’s name and your preferred dates for voting, to your field rep. Make sure to send your language as soon as possible to allow our membership department time to prepare the electronic ballots which will be sent to all voting members via email. You also need to notify your members 48 hours in advance of the vote. This is one of your responsibilities as a delegate. After your school’s electronic vote concludes, our membership department will notify you of the results within one working day. You must then notify your principal so s/he can notify Labor Relations and their Network. The deadline for voting is Wednesday, 2021.

Delegates should make sure to send any proposed waiver language to their field representative as soon as possible so that we can ensure that your school is not inadvertently waiving important rights under the contract.

Below are “Schedule Voting Forms” packets similar to those used pre-pandemic. Because Union staff will run the actual voting electronically, you will not use the ballot forms. You should refer to these forms, however, as you draft the language for your ballots that you will send to your field rep. Union staff will use the language you send for the electronic ballots.

2021 ES Schedule Voting Forms
2021 HS Schedule Voting Forms

Forms & Resources

The documents for download are available in Word or PDF format from this site, but to access the Google Forms used for reporting you must be signed into the CPS Google system (i.e. Drive, GMail).

Model Schedule Vote Flowchart
Flex PD Vote Flowchart

Resources for Elementary Schools

2021 Elementary Easy Reference Guide
2021 Elementary School Schedule Guide
2021 Elementary Model Schedules (App. B)
*2021 Elementary Schedule Voting Forms

Resources for High Schools

2021 High School Easy Reference Guide
2021 High School Schedule Guidance
2021 High School Model Schedules (App. B)
*2021 High School Schedule Voting Forms

* Note: Voting Forms are for reference use when drafting notice e-mails and language for e-ballots. Votes will be conducted electronically this year, in cooperation with your field rep.

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