Schedule Votes

Contract wins that bring create flexibility in the professional development schedule and add to everyone’s weekly preps require educators to make collective decisions. Together, CTU members have power in our schools.

Spring 2023 Schedule/Flex Vote Training

In an effort to make schedule votes easier on delegates and other members, the CTU will hold trainings on the specifics of schedule and flex day votes. This training will go through the process and field representatives will also be on hand to answer any specific questions you may have. As a follow-up to the training, field reps will hold drop-in sessions in which reps will be available to answer any questions on the schedule votes.

In addition to votes on schedule and flex PD days, members also have the right to vote over any standardized assessment that is not mandated by state policy or the specifics of your school program. Be sure to also read more information on Assessment Votes and prevent unnecessary testing from disrupting your classroom’s teaching and learning.

May 16 Trainings

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Webinar slide presentations:

4:30–5:30 PM Elementary School Drop-In Sessions

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4:30–5:30 PM High School Drop-In Sessions

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Spring 2023 Schedule Votes

It is that time of the year when members have the opportunity to vote on their daily schedule and the distribution of flexible professional development days. This year, all schools will be required to conduct a schedule vote. Principals should discuss schedule and flex-day options with their PPC as soon as possible and determine what options they would like to present to the staff for a vote. Votes must be conducted by June 2, 2023.

Elementary Schools

For elementary schools, there are three main decisions:

  1. the selection of your daily schedule,
  2. how to use the two additional elementary school 15-minute preparation periods, and
  3. how to use the default flex-days (August 14, August 15, 2023 and June 10, 2024) or whether/how to redistribute one or more of these days.

Votes are between one alternative and the default.


High Schools

For high schools, there are two main decisions:

  1. the selection of your daily schedule/ class periods, and
  2. how to use the flex-days (please see above) or, if you wish to redistribute one or more of them, which model to use. Votes are between one alternative and the default.

For both elementary and high schools, any change to a school’s start and end time would require approval from the Transportation Department, the Network Chief, and Safety and Security.



For both elementary and high school, if your principal wants to propose a contract waiver to use a unique schedule that is not one of the options in the guidance, a separate waiver vote must take place. Your principal should schedule a meeting, with 48-hour notice, for all members no later than June 2, 2023 to discuss the proposed waiver. A waiver vote is a YES/NO vote. If the waiver fails, the default schedule will apply.

Elementary schools would need to conduct a waiver vote if they are unable to provide coverage for the 15-minute morning prep twice a week.

Who Votes?

In a schedule or flex day vote, only teacher members assigned to the school may vote. In a waiver vote, all CTU members in the building may vote since the contract affects all of us and waiving any part of it is a serious decision that all should be part of.

Running the Vote on Any Changes

If your PPC and principal are all in agreement about a schedule/flex proposal, you should begin to prepare the documents for an in-person, secret ballot vote. If you are conducting a waiver vote, make sure to send a copy of the ballot and waiver language to your field representative prior to the vote to ensure that your school is not inadvertently waiving important rights under the contract. Once you have determined the date and time of the election, be sure to provide at least 48 hours notice to members. Your notice should include a sample ballot and the proposed schedule. For the flex day ballot, the notice should include how the flex days will be redistributed and a calendar that illustrates the dates that will be flexed.

In Appendix D of the appropriate Schedule Guidance document are the “Schedule Voting Forms” that include the required notice, sample ballot, and certification documents to assist you with the voting process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your field representative with any questions about the process.

NOTE: The Elementary Schedule Guidance has an error, as of May 24, 2023. For Model 4, there should be three additional days of morning prep. We are still waiting for CPS to confirm the three early release dates associated with Model 4. Please see the slide deck above for our latest information.


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