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PSRPs are the heart of our schools and of our Union. We won big gains for PSRPs in the 2019-24 contract. If you are PSRP and need support with a specific issue, do not hesitate to contact your field rep!

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What did CTU win for PSRPs in the 2019-2024 Contract?

  • Raises including lanes and steps… opportunities for career and salary growth. A new lane was
    established for AA degree and for PSRPs who have a B.A. or B.S. degree.
  • Increased funding for Grow Your Own and programs to assist PSRPs who want to become teachers in CPS. Guarantee of health insurance while enrolled.
  • Funding to move LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) and HSNs (Health Service Nurses) towards certification as CSNs (Certified School Nurses), the highest paying nursing positions.
  • Return of timekeeping and payroll duties to school clerks, increasing job security.
  • Expansion of class size assistance from K-2 to all grades resulting in many new TA positions.

What was the new language for PSRPs in the 2019-2024 Contract?

Article 9: Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel

9-14.5: Substitute Coverage. School Clerk Assistant.

Any regular school clerk assistant assigned in a school clerk I position for a period of ten consecutive school days shall be paid at the appropriate step of the school clerk I salary schedule and staffed in the position, effective on the twenty-first eleventh consecutive school day. Upon the assignment or transfer of a regular school clerk I to said position, the school clerk assistant shall revert to the former pay status as a school clerk assistant.

New 9-14.7

The BOARD shall clearly delineate the duties of the school clerk. Registration and enrollment responsibilities shall be performed primarily by bargaining unit employees.

New 9-19.1: American Sign Language Interpreters Regular School Day.

[Was Article 21-17]

The regular day for sign language interpreters shall be seven hours and forty-five minutes with a continuous duty-free lunch period and no work responsibilities. Each interpreter’s school day shall include 45 minutes of continuous duty-free preparation time. Four days each week, the interpreter’s preparation time shall be self-directed. One day each week, this period shall be directed by the principal(s) or the interpreter supervisor for interpreter-related preparation or duties, e.g., IEP meetings and/or collaboration with the IEP team. The Board shall ensure that qualified substitutes are provided for ASL Interpreters who are absent.

9-20: PSRP Probationary Period

Consistent with longstanding past practice and BOARD policy, the probationary period for PSRP bargaining unit employees shall be one year.

New 9-21.

In consultation with the Union, the BOARD will increase its financial commitment support PSRPs (and other teacher candidates involved in schools such as parents) who desire to pursue becoming classroom teachers in CPS. The Board shall secure funding to ensure that said candidates receive financial support and health insurance.

Article 10: Other Position Titles

The language for these new PSRP titles is extensive. Instead of copying it here, we are linking below to their pages in the e-contract.

10-1.Youth Intervention Specialists (“YIS”) Classification
10-2.Family Engagement Coordinator (“FEC”) and Comprehensive Service Coordinator (“CSC”) Classifications
10-3.Attendance Coordinator (“AC”) Classification
10-4.College and Career Specialist (“CCS”) Classification
10-5.Gear Up Coach (“GUC”) Classification

New 17-3: Pre-K Teacher Assistants.

In accordance with the Chicago Public Schools preschool handbook Preschool Teaching Assistants will be assisting Pre-K classroom teachers 100% of their day and will not be used to substitute, to cover lunchroom duty or recess duty unless accompanying their assigned students, to perform office duties or perform other capacities in the building except for temporary emergency supervisory duty where the welfare of students is involved (emergency duties do not include regular lunch duty and recess assignments). Said temporary emergency supervisory duty shall not exceed sixty minutes. All preschool classrooms shall maintain a 10:1 child to teacher ratio at all times, including during nap or rest time, meals, specials, etc. TA’s shall have their contractual breaks covered by school staff to maintain the 10:1 ratio.

New 20-6.10.

Nurses who change job classifications will be placed in the appropriate lane according to their level of education and job classification on the step in that lane closest to, but not less than, their salary prior to the change. From there, they shall advance steps and lanes as determined by Appendix A.

New 28-4.

Within the funding provided for in Article 28-5:

  • Oversized classrooms in grades K-8 shall be addressed either by adding an instructor, or by adding a teacher assistant to each oversized class, or other remedies determined by the Council depending on space available and the number of students.

Article 36.

Annual Raises

Fiscal YearCOLA

Steps and year of creditable service

The table below displays the year of creditable service associated with the step.

StepYear of Creditable Service
11st Year
2After 1st Year
3After 2nd Year
43.5 Year to 6th Year
57th Year to 11th Year
612th Year to 16th year
717th Year to 18th Year
819th Year to 20th Year
921th Year to 24th Year
1025th Year and Thereafter

PSRP Lanes

PSRP lane adjustments will be made pursuant to already established processes for teachers. Lane II is set at the educational level of Associate’s Degree. Effective, July 1, 2021, Lane III is set at the educational level of Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Appendix I: Layoff, Interim Assignment and Reappointment of PSRPs.

This appendix article is extensive. Instead of copying all the language here, you can read it in the e-contract.

Appendix I

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