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Personal Business Days

Your Personal Business and other benefit days are protected in our contract

Many School Handbooks have contained provisions contrary to our contract.

CPS acknowledges in the preface to these handbooks:

The school employee handbook is not a contract of employment or a collective bargaining agreement and should not be treated as one. Unlike a contract or a collective bargaining agreement, an employee handbook may be changed at any time and is not enforceable like a contract or collective bargaining agreement. Employee rights are contained in collective bargaining agreements or in rules and policies adopted by the Chicago Board of Education. No rights are created for employees in the school employee handbook.

Some School Handbooks contain prohibitions on taking Personal Business Days on testing, PD and other ‘special’ days and the prohibition on using PB days before and after winter, spring and Thanksgiving breaks. There is no limit in the contract on which days can be used and the only basis a principal has for denial of a PB day is that so many people have already scheduled them that class coverage will not be achievable. Also, some handbooks suggest that you tell administration the nature of your personal business; that is personal and you should not be asked to share your personal business.

Strike Makeup days: Use ‘0’ or PB days

A reminder: If you had travel plans for Nov. 27, Jan. 2 or Jan. 3, prior to the strike, let your administrators know immediately, and if asked, be prepared to show travel receipts or confirmation of such plans. This is not something we would agree to do under normal circumstances, but these make-up days are not normal days. And remember, you must use personal business (PB) or ‘0’ days only—not sick days.

Arbitration precedent concerning PB day rights provides that principals can deny PB day requests insofar as the denial is connected to a school’s ability to provide adequate class coverage. Principals cannot deny PB day requests on the basis of the reason the employee is using the day. Days that had already been approved prior to the announcement of strike make-up days should still be allowed.

Members whose PB day requests are denied and have unavoidable commitments that will require them to be absent from work should submit ‘0’ days (not sick days). Any member who believes they have been denied a PB day request for reasons unrelated to the school’s ability to provide class coverage should complete our PB day denial Google form to provide key information to your field rep.

Denial Form

52-week members

The Union is reaching out to CPS to ensure how days will be made up for CTU members on year-round work calendars. We will provide updates as soon as we have them.

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