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Where to Find REACH Process Information

The first places to look for REACH information are:

Where to Find Framework/Professional Practice Support

The following links to the CPS Knowledge Center will take you (once logged in) to the listed resources:

9 Frameworks & 7 Companion Guides

Currently, the following 9 Frameworks are in use in the CPS REACH evaluation system:

  1. Teaching with Critical Attributes
  2. Teaching with Special Education Critical Attributes
  3. Teacher-Librarians with Critical Attributes
  4. School Counselor
  5. School Social Work with Critical Attributes
  6. School Psychology with Critical Attributes
  7. School Nursing with Critical Attributes
  8. Speech-Language Pathology with Critical Attributes
  9. Educational Support Specialists

Five Addenda

There are currently 5 Addenda available for teachers in the following subjects/grade-levels: Arts, English Learners, Physical Education, [Preschool through 2nd Grade], and Special Education.

Special Education Specific Materials

Additionally, the CPS Knowledge Center also has the following resources:

Who Is a Qualified Evaluator

Although any licensed Illinois educator could pay to take the ISBE training modules and test to become a qualified evaluator, CTU and CPS have agreed that only building administrators (meaning contract, acting, or interim principals, assistant principals and resident/intern principals), clinical managers, and some central office staff who have taken and passed the ISBE qualified evaluator training may conduct evaluative observations for teachers under the REACH evaluation system. If anyone wants to know if their principal or administrator is a qualified educator, the public search function is now available on ELIS through ISBE. No CTU member should be conducting any REACH observations for stakes of their peers.

To find out if your evaluator has completed the required ISBE evaluation training follow these instructions:

  1. Go to ISBE’s ELIS website.
  2. Look for the box labeled “Public Search” and click on “Perform a search of public license information.”
  3. Type the first and/or last name of the evaluator into the appropriate boxes.

    (You’ll have the most luck with the search function if you just put in the principal or administrator’s last name. Leave the region and everything else blank unless your administrator has a very common name. The name must be spelled correctly. You will be able to see ALL of that evaluator’s credentials.)

  4. Their evaluation credentials should be listed under “Designations”. They should have initially completed 5 teacher evaluation modules. Some evaluators are due to complete regular retraining, so new more recent modules should also appear for an evaluator who has been doing REACH since it began in 2012.

CTU is also provided with a quarterly report of qualified evaluators per Article 39–2.2 (page 158) of the union contract.


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