Clinician-specific workplace issues

Clinician Work Space

Clinicians have a contractual right to adequate work space, which means adequate therapeutic space for children.

20-1.7. Work Space and Equipment for Clinicians.

Clinicians shall be provided with appropriate work space to include a desk, chair and testing tables; a computer; a locking file cabinet with a key; direct access to working copiers, printers and telephones for follow up calls; testing environments that are heated and well ventilated; and necessary supplies, including file folders, paper clips and envelopes to store professional protocols. The Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Services shall inform principals annually at the beginning of the year about clinician work space needs in writing. A copy of this written transmission shall be submitted to the CityWide Professional Problems Committee at the first meeting. Work space allocated to clinicians shall provide appropriate privacy for the administration of tests (in accordance with CPS-allocated test requirements and state and national standards) and confidential discussions and shall be as free from noise and interruption as the educational program and the school facility permits. The Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Services shall conduct a survey to be distributed to clinicians before the end of September each school year to ascertain whether the work space conditions are adequate as defined in this article. A process to remediate the situation shall be determined by the Clinician Professional Problems Committee with the Office of Labor Relations and the administrators of Office of Diverse Learners Services and Supports

Clinician Preps

All clinicians get one prep a day.

20-1.3. Teacher Clinician Preparation Periods.

Each clinician’s school day shall include sixty minutes of continuous duty-free preparation time. Four days each week the clinician’s preparation time shall be self-directed; one day each week this period shall be directed by the principal or the clinician manager, as appropriate.

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Other Concerns

Layoff Rights

Despite inadequate staffing and large class sizes, CPS continues to disrespect educators with layoffs that hurt our members, our students and our schools. Thanks to our contract, CPS is required to follow some rules when they make these layoffs and laid off teachers have rights.

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