Bilingual Education

In our 2019 contract fight, we won unprecedented bilingual education language. Use the information here to enforce your rights and those of your students.

IEP Interpreters

Article 44-36 of the 2019 contract stipulates that IEP interpretation be paid:

44-36. IEP Interpreter Stipend

The BOARD will provide employees a $500 stipend for each semester that the employee who regularly serves as an interpreter at IEP meetings until such time as the BOARD establishes an internal certification process. Once the internal certification process is established, any employee who obtains the certification will receive the stipend so long as the employee agrees to interpret at IEP meetings.

CPS has not yet created a certification process. So, if you’ve been translating at IEP meetings then you are eligible for a $500 stipend and should ask your principal to be included in the Google survey that CPS sent them.

Bilingual class size limit

Your bilingual classroom should not be more than 90 percent of the average student:teacher ratio for general education classes for the same grade at your school. You can use our calculator below to determine if your class size violates this legal limit. This right for students and teachers is stipulated in 23 ILLINOIS ADMINISTRATIVE CODE 228.30(b)(1) (page 15), reads:

Student-Teacher Ratio – The student-teacher ratio in the ESL and home language components of programs serving students in kindergarten or any of grades 1 through 12 as of September 30 of each school year shall not exceed 90% of the average student-teacher ratio in general education classes for the same grades in that attendance center. Decreases in the ratio for general education during the course of a school year due to students’ mobility shall not require corresponding adjustments within the bilingual program. Further, additional students may be placed into bilingual classes during the course of a school year, provided that no bilingual classroom may exhibit a student-teacher ratio that is greater than the average for general education classes in that grade and attendance center as a result of these placements. Preschool programs established pursuant to Section 2-3.71 of the School Code [105 ILCS 5/2-3.71] that provide bilingual education services shall meet the requirements of 23 Ill. Adm. Code 235.30 (Early Childhood Block Grant) rather than the requirements of this subsection (b)(1).

Calculate your maximum class size

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Report Ratios

If your class is over 90% there are steps we can take to address this issue, contact for more information!

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Layoff Rights

Despite inadequate staffing and large class sizes, CPS continues to disrespect educators with layoffs that hurt our members, our students and our schools. Thanks to our contract, CPS is required to follow some rules when they make these layoffs and laid off teachers have rights.

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