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My Rights

In every school and workplace, unity in action protects our members and the students we serve.

Together, our union fights to win.

Do This Now

COVID Leaves of Absence Update

The following information supersedes any previous guidance about leaves of absence during the pandemic. Find out about special pandemic provisions for ADA accommodations, short-term disabilities, CDC regulations, emergency paid leave, FMLA and discretionary leave.

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When We Fight, We Win

Excessive Paperwork Arbitration Win for Washington HS Special Educators

The Union received a favorable decision in the arbitration of a grievance concerning excessive paperwork for special education teachers. The grievance, which arose at Washington High School, concerned additional paperwork requirements that CPS began to impose on special education teachers in 2016 as part of former CPS CEO Forrest Claypool’s scheme to deny students special education services.

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Common Concerns

Union members and staff stick up for our rights together. Find basic information here to help you solve common problems such as bully principals, grading issues or support for oversize classes.

Standard Forms

Download forms for accident reports, grievance authorization, waivers, and other frequently needed forms.

Handle a Grievance

A grievance is any workplace problem you may have. If a situation exists that runs counter to the law or your contract, the Union can help you fix it.

My Contract

Your contract provides rights that generations of educators fought for and won. You need to know your rights to enforce them. Learn your contract. Study and discuss these rights with your coworkers. Together, Union members and staff can make our schools better places to teach and learn.

Connect with a Union Represent­ative

Every school and workplace has specific, expert staff devoted to helping you solve problems at work.

COVID19 Info & Action

Learn more about how CTU is working with Chicago Public Schools to make sure our schools are safe and secure. Learn more and take action to demand emergency response from CPS and the mayor.

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