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Union Represent­atives

Every school and every citywide job category has a field representative and an organizer to back them up and help them stay union strong.

Union Rep Lookup

See multi-school job category assignments below. For educators assigned to a single school, enter your school’s name in the form at bottom to contact your Field Representative or Organizer.

Citywide/Multi-School Members

Job Category Field Representative
Attendance Coordinators Jose Jimenez
College & Career Coach Kathy Murray
Comprehensive Srvc Coordinator Jose Jimenez
Youth Intervention Specialist Jose Jimenez
Attendance & Truancy Jose Jimenez
Instructional Support Leader Kathy Murray
Family Engagement Coordinator Jose Jimenez
College & Career Specialists Kathy Murray
Resident Social Workers Lisa Pattara-McGrane
Itinerant Teachers Lisa Pattara-McGrane
Clinicians* Lisa Pattara-McGrane

Substitute Teachers with a workplace issue should contact the field representative or organizer associated with that school. Inquiries about payroll and similar issues not related to a particular school should be directed to Georgia Waller.

* Clinicians include School Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech-language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and CSNs – Certified School Nurses. Counselors are not counted as clinicians for the purpose of these assignments.

CSV File: (1) Create the CSV file of latest assignments using Excel. CSV column headings must be School, Rep and Organizer (case sensitive!). Other columns will be ignored. (2) In the Text section of this module, first delete the existing link (clear completely) and then use the Add Media button to upload and insert the CSV file. This will put a link to the file in this module, which is exactly what the script needs to read.


Assigned to One School