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Union Represent­atives

Every school and every citywide job category has a field representative and an organizer to back them up and help them stay union strong.

Union Rep Lookup

See multi-school job category assignments below. For educators assigned to a single school, enter your school’s name in the form at bottom to contact your Field Representative or Organizer.

Citywide/Multi-School Members

Job Category Field Representative
Attendance Coordinators Jose Jimenez
College & Career Coach Kathy Murray
CTE College and Career Coordinators John Kugler
Comprehensive Srvc Coordinator Jose Jimenez
Youth Intervention Specialist Jose Jimenez
Attendance & Truancy Jose Jimenez
Instructional Support Leader Kathy Murray
Family Engagement Coordinator Jose Jimenez
College & Career Specialists Kathy Murray
Resident Social Workers Lisa Pattara-McGrane
Itinerant Teachers Lisa Pattara-McGrane
Clinicians* Lisa Pattara-McGrane

Substitute Teachers with a workplace issue should contact the field representative or organizer associated with that school. Inquiries about payroll and similar issues not related to a particular school should be directed to Georgia Waller.

* Clinicians include School Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech-language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and CSNs – Certified School Nurses. Counselors are not counted as clinicians for the purpose of these assignments.

Assigned to One School