Even as 27,000 CTU members discuss and debate the strategy of a May 1st strike or alternative mobilization, members throughout the district have already begun to step up and take action for our school clerks and against the understaffing and meaningless mandates that emanate from CPS and its network offices.

The CTU House of Delegates voted to take up Work to Rule in response to the district’s “pilot” (slated to roll out to more than 100 schools this week) that piles clerks’ payroll work in KRONOS onto already overworked teachers. This stepped up member activity at schools is key to building the power to resist Rahm, Rauner, Trump and Claypool. The Work to Rule tactic is a way to ask parents to push the bad guys, Claypool, Rahm and Rauner to do the right thing on our revenue demands and eliminate the plans to cancel class in June. 

ILLUSTRATION: Lindblom(Teachers and staff at Lindblom Math and Science Academy, the first school to take work-to-rule action this year)

At schools across the city, teachers and other school staff are clocking in and working at the exact time prescribed by the contract and are refusing to stay past clockout time for any unpaid work. So far, the union counts more than ninety schools actively pursuing this Work to Rule strategy and more are joining each day.

The CTU staff are working to help spread this action and give support to schools that want to join. We have compiled some materials developed by rank-and-file members who organized in their own schools. Please take advantage of the resources below to educate parents about the current situation, to build support among staff and community, and to send a message to Rahm, his handpicked Board of Education and CEO Claypool.

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ILLUSTRATION: Keep calm and work to rule