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So today when I arrived at work, within five minutes, our school engineer entered the main office where I was standing and walked around while improperly wearing his mask. Again, there were no signs posted, no plexi-glass, no floor markings, no wipes available, etc.

Since I was the first one in the office today, I noticed the office rugs were very dirty and had not been vacuumed. Additionally, the trash cans had not been emptied.

I headed to the small office space my principal provided to me to work from and I noticed that I didn’t have a computer to work on. The computers were a mess and not set up. She gave me a laptop to work on, but I didn’t have a printer to use.

Some of the vents in the room had dirt around them and one was covered (see photo). I didn’t open the window because it was over 90 degrees outside and this would have made it more uncomfortable. I observed staff not obeying the six-foot distance policy.

This was very upsetting and I am very concerned for my health. Everything I did today could have been done remotely. And in fact I would have had a working printer to use.