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Now we have yet another example of your advocacy pushing CPS to make crucial improvements.

This week, we learned that CPS will create part-time (0.5) Psychologist and Nurse positions for the remainder of the 2021-22 school year. We know that nearly two years into this pandemic CPS students need additional support. They’ve seen their neighborhoods and their own families hit hard by disease and death. And the epidemic of violence on the streets of Chicago has also generated a great deal of trauma experienced by CPS students.

The additional nursing and psychological services will address the unprecedented need among our students and relieve the pressure on existing CPS clinicians already facing extraordinary caseloads.

These part-time positions offer additional scheduling flexibility, thus allowing more psychologists and nurses to accept positions with CPS. At this time, these positions are being created on a temporary basis for this school year, but we are advocating that CPS make them permanent and expand half-time offerings to other clinician position titles as well.

We also secured a written commitment from CPS that the creation of these positions will have no adverse impact on current full-time Psychologist and full-time Nurse positions (e.g., full-time positions cannot be supplanted by part-time positions). These job titles are CTU bargaining unit positions and will have all corresponding rights and privileges under our contract.

So we encourage all clinicians to let their colleagues know about these new part-time clinician positions and to encourage them to apply. We will share additional info about how to apply for these positions once we have it.

Thank you for your commitment to fighting for the schools and the clinicians that Chicago’s students deserve.