Graphic announcing projected election victory for Commissioner Tara Stamps to retain her seat.Graphic announcing projected election victory for Graciela Guzmán for Illinois state senator in the 20th district.

What a night we had last night! As election results continue to roll in, every CTU member should be very proud of what we accomplished for our students, schools and communities in yesterday’s Primary Election Day.

As a union, we committed ourselves to building a movement that organizes and activates people. And last night, we showed organized people can beat organized money. And we will continue to transform our city by using that collective power at the ballot box, the bargaining table, on the picket lines, and on the doors.

President Stacy Davis Gates and Recording Secretary Christel Williams join a group working the polls.

Thank you to each of you who made it out multiple times the past several weeks to knock on doors, call and send texts to voters, work the polling sites…it’s this organizing of our people that resulted in victories for our endorsed candidates, including two CTU organizers: Graciela Guzman won her primary for the 20th Illinois Senate District and Cook County Commissioner Tara Stamps beat her primary opponent to win the election for her seat on the county board.

This year, CTU endorsed and helped elect 22 candidates up and down the ballot, 13 of them in tough, competitive races. These wins demonstrate our unified power, bringing us closer to fulfilling the promise we’ve made for every student, family, and community member.

Congratulations to these CTU-endorsed candidates for running campaigns that centered the voices and needs of our students and communities:

  • Joy Cunningham for Illinois Supreme Court
  • Mariyana Spyropolous for Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • Larry Rogers for Cook County Board of Review
  • Tara Stamps for Cook County Commissioner
  • Graciela Guzman for State Senate
  • Lilian Jimenez for State Representative
  • Kim DuBuclet for State Representative
  • Sonya Harper for State Representative
  • Abdelnasser Rashid for State Representative
  • Edgar Gonzalez for State Representative
  • Theresa Mah for State Representative
  • Justin Slaughter for State Representative
  • Lisa Davis for State Representative

We want to recognize the courage and leadership behind the Bring Chicago Home campaign, a broad-based community coalition of faith leaders, community organizations, union members, and service agencies, who took on corporate real estate landlords to fix our housing crisis and homelessness problem in Chicago. We are still awaiting the final results of the Bring Chicago Home ballot referendum, but one thing is certain: We will continue our fight for affordable housing, and for the 20,000 CPS students and their families who are unhoused and counting on us to deliver on housing justice.

CTU Members—you are who powers our movement. With you one thing is true, when we organize, we win. We will not let up until we transform Chicago into the place where every ZIP code resembles the wealthiest and every community has what it needs to be safe, welcoming, and thriving.

A member distributing Bring Chicago Home information after school on election day.Three members distributing Bring Chicago Home information after school on election day.A member distributing Bring Chicago Home information after school on election day.

…the kids are doing fine…

About two dozen students holding signs celebrating the importance of voting and human rights.

Hundreds of high school students chanted “Housing is a human right!” as they organized a Parade to the Polls last Friday, in an effort to mobilize young people to turn out to early vote for the Primary Election. Led by members of La Casa Norte and Chicago Votes, the young people attended a congressional candidate forum at CTU Center, participated in art-making and heard from several student speakers, before marching to the polls to vote.

A still from television coverage of the Parade to the Poll student event.

Urge Rep. Croke to protect ALL CPS students and their schools

TAKE ACTION: The right-wing and the Illinois Policy Institute continue their crusade to slash education budgets and close neighborhood public schools that serve Black and Brown students and their families! And have even convinced elected officials that selective enrollment schools are at risk. Not true.

However, out of paranoia, Rep. Margaret Croke filed a bill – that is moving quickly through Springfield – to protect only CPS selective enrollment schools from budget cuts and school closures, even though none of those schools are, and never have been, on the chopping block.

Rep. Croke’s bill sends the message that schools which serve predominantly Black and Brown students should be sacrificed to maintain the advantage in resources that magnet and selective enrollment schools in wealthier ZIP codes of the city enjoy.

As educators and community members, we believe that all of our schools should be supported and protected. That’s why we need you to contact Rep. Croke today and urge her to amend HB 5766 so that it protects all CPS students, no matter their race, ZIP code or where they attend school.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Tell Rep. Croke to amend HB 5766 to expand a moratorium on school closings and budget cuts for all CPS schools, until a fully elected school board is in place in 2027.

We need her to amend that bill to protect ALL CPS schools.

Take action to demand a closing moratorium for all schools, not just the selective enrollment ones.

In Unity,

The CTU Leadership Team