Dear CTU family:

At our last HOD meeting, as part of our rolling endorsements for municipal elections, delegates endorsed Brandon Johnson for mayor of the City of Chicago, along with CTU members Mueze Bawany, running for alderman in the 50th Ward, and Lori Torres, who’s running in the 36th Ward.

Since then, Brandon has formally kicked off his campaign, with support from a growing number of progressive grassroots groups, elected officials  and candidates — and raised over $1.2 million for this historic election.

On Wednesday, our House of Delegates voted overwhelmingly to endorse another four candidates — truly intrepid CTU allies for reelection as alderpersons: Carlos Rosa (35), Rosanna Rodriguez (33), Jeanette Taylor (20) and Daniel La Spata (1).

We need these fearless progressive leaders. With schools closed on election day, sign up to support the Workers Rights Amendment and get signatures for our candidates Mueze Bawany, Lori Torres and Brandon Johnson — the next mayor of the City of Chicago.

If you haven’t already, get out and VOTE on Tuesday, November 8 – and volunteer to work with CTU members to get out the vote and collect signatures for our municipal candidates at!

No school on Election Day Nov. 8

Schools will be closed on Tuesday, November 8 – a huge opportunity to amplify your impact. Become an Election Day Volunteer to help get out the vote, be a poll watcher or otherwise help candidates fighting for the schools, the city and the state we deserve.


Rightwing assault on workers’ rights, public education

The Workers’ Rights Amendment is at the top of the ballot, and right-wing forces are breaking out all the stops to derail this critical amendment.

We learned Wednesday from Capitol Fax that reactionary Trump ally Stephen Miller and the America First Legal Foundation is running nakedly false and racist mailers in our state, in what Capitol Fax called “the most racist mass-produced mailer I can ever recall seeing during my tenure”. As Trump’s senior advisor, Miller instigated some of Trump’s most appalling policies, from banning Muslims to ending DACA. His efforts align with reactionary rightwing allies Dan Proft, John Tillman and the Illinois Policy Institute, and billionare packing magnate Dick Uihlein, all of whom are actively supporting Darren Bailey’s extremist campaign for governor and fighting tooth and nail to defeat the Workers’ Rights Amendment.

Those extremist funds are infiltrating public messaging and helping conservative candidates in places like St. Louis, where Democratic Senate incumbents are confronting surprisingly tight races. At the same time, rightwing allies like despised former Trump education secretary Betsy DeVos are aligning their messaging – and millions of dollars – to push school vouchers, beat up teachers’ unions and promote school privatization across the nation.

Vote early, vote together, and support fellow CTU members.

This fall’s election affects our schools, our lives and our rights. The Workers’ Rights Amendment is at the top of your ballot, along with contests between candidates for the U.S. Senate and House; Illinois governor; state constitutional officers and legislators and Cook County Board. Be clear: it is URGENT that folks get out to vote on or before November 8, and help us get signatures for progressive candidates to defeat this well-funded right-wing effort to defund our pensions, dismantle our labor rights and destroy our unions.

Early voting sites are opened across the city at convenient locations in every ward, weekdays from 9:00am to 6:00pm; Saturdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm; Sundays from 10:00am to 4:00pm; and on Election Day (Nov. 8) from 6:00am to 7:00pm. Make a date to go vote with your CTU colleagues, take a picture on your phone and send your pics to

General Election Endorsements

Read our current endorsements list, get more information about voting early or on November 8 at, check out the resources below to make sense of important races that often “fly under the radar”, and make a plan to vote today:

We’re fighting for a city where every child can attend a fully funded neighborhood school, and where every neighborhood has affordable housing and peace and safety in our communities. Help make those aspirations real. Vote in the November 8 general election for the Workers’ Rights Amendment and our education champions – and join us in putting real progressives on the ballot as we work to create a truly just Chicago.

In solidarity,

Stacy Davis Gates, CTU President
Jackson Potter, CTU Vice President
Christel Williams-Hayes, CTU Recording Secretary
Maria Moreno, CTU Financial Secretary