Veteran Pay

CTU has filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) against the Board of Education for failure to resolve salary raises for our veteran educators. When we voted to ratify the agreement it was for increases to base pay for veteran teachers… not for one-time bonuses.
As soon as CTU members voted to ratify the agreement, however, CPS broke our deal and demanded that most of the $25 million be paid in one-time lump sum bonuses rather than added to veteran teachers’ base salaries. Our position is, and was, that one-time bonuses do not add value in the same way. This is not acceptable. The money was negotiated. It is there. Our veteran teacher will be paid and we continue to fight for them to be paid in the way that was negotiated. We will keep you posted,

52-week Employees

The Board of Education is working on a way for year-around bargaining unit members to make up the 5 make-up days agreed on as part of the Contract approved in November. We expect this matter to be resolved shortly and our 52-week members will have the opportunity to make up their days.