CPS will pay retroactive pay back to July 1, 2019, on Feb. 28, 2020. This will include 3 percent general raises and increases for eligible PSRP members, as well as hourly rates for non-instructional, instructional, substitute and coaching positions. You will also see the new CTU dues rate on your Feb. 28 check. The 2019-2020 dues rate will be prorated for the remaining 11 pay periods this year.

About 200 members in accreted positions will not receive their retroactive pay until March, as CPS is still working on updates to pay tables. We will continue to press the district on this and will communicate when we have more details about the timing of retroactive pay for these members.

For PSRPs whose pay will increase due to changes in the grade structure, you will see this change on your Feb. 1 paycheck (one pay period sooner than anticipated). The cost of living adjustment still goes into effect Feb. 28.

Unfair Labor Practice complaint on veteran pay

The Union has filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) complaint against the Board of Education for failure to resolve salary raises for our veteran educators. When we voted to ratify the agreement, it was for increases to base pay for veteran teachers—not for one-time bonuses.

As soon as CTU members voted to ratify the agreement, however, CPS broke our deal and demanded that most of the $25 million be paid in one-time lump sum bonuses rather than added to veteran teachers’ base salaries. Our position is, and was, that one-time bonuses do not add value in the same way. This is not acceptable. The money was negotiated. It is there.

Our veteran teachers will be paid, and we will continue to fight for them to be paid in the way that was negotiated.