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Resubmit ‘voided’ ADA application

If you received an ADA document that states your application is voided, that’s because the envelope ‘expired’. This means all parties did not sign by the deadline.

You can re-submit the application or call 773-553-6878 or email ADA@cps.edu to activate your application. The voiding of an expired document will not effect the decision-making process. CPS will make its decision based on the information provided by the employee. Unfortunately, you cannot appeal a Workplace Accommodation if it is denied.

Workplace accommodations

If you were seeking a Workplace Accommodation for childcare please be aware the Public Health Emergency Leave  will no longer be available in 2021.

CPS will continue to offer some telework accommodations for childcare if the child is an infant, toddler, or non-CPS student and meets the same criteria as the leave eligibility. The CPS options for childcare needs are listed below.

In addition the option for a Discretionary Leave will still be available. This is an unpaid leave and it does not provide job protection.

CPS info on childcare…

In case you missed the email, CPS sent the following communication to members on Monday December 14th.

To assist staff who are expected to return in-person and need childcare assistance, the district will allow the children of these CPS staff members to attend their regular school on all days when students are in attendance (i.e. for at least four days per week by learning in-person with both pods), if ALL the following conditions are met:

  • You report to work in-person at a school serving pre-k, K-8, and/or cluster students
  • You have a CPS student(s) who will attend in-person school under the hybrid model in grades K-8
  • You require a child care/school solution in order to work in-person

If you meet these eligibility criteria, please complete the childcare accommodation form by Friday, December 18th. This accommodation must be applied for and granted through the Talent Office, and is subject to limitations based on class size and social distancing needs. Principals will be provided a list by early January of students enrolled in their school whose parent or guardian is eligible for the accommodation.

If you are a parent/guardian of an infant, toddler, or non-CPS enrolled student and still require the requested leave or accommodation, no further action is required. The submission you already made will be reviewed and processed.