CTU members have expressed concerns regarding the LSC election at their schools. In most cases, this is due to new efforts to reinvigorate an LSC or take back the public accountability from a controlling principal. If you are at all worried about election shenanigans at your school, there are several things you can do:

  1. Find out who your principal has assigned to be the Election Coordinator. This person is responsible for processing paperwork and working with the election judges to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Make sure that the election location is publicly accessible and clearly marked. 
  1. Each candidate was supposed to receive three poll watcher forms at the LSC candidate forum in March. If you did not receive these forms, please call the Office of LSC Relations asap: 773-553-1400. Poll watchers are allowed to observe the election throughout the day and the counting and recording of the votes at the 7 p.m. end of the day. Like the municipal elections, some election sites can be a little disorganized and chaotic. Election judges receive very minimal training and it’s a very long day, so a lot can go wrong.
  1. In addition to poll watchers, members should check in on the election throughout the day, before and after your work shift and during your breaks. If there are an unusually high number of spoiled ballots, try to find out how the voting process is being explained to people. 
  1. Encourage ALL of your coworkers to vote!  ALL SCHOOL STAFF who work for the Board of Education (not a vendor or contractor), who work the majority of the week at your school (three days or more) are eligible to vote. This includes food service, custodians, clinicians, etc.  Staff vote for TWO of the THREE staff positions (you can vote for one teacher and one  non-teacher rep, or for two teachers, or just one candidate). A parent worker employed by the BOE can vote, but not a parent worker who receives a stipend from a nonprofit community partner. Custodians who are in SEIU Local 73 are BOE employees and can vote, but not custodians who are in SEIU Local 1 and work for Aramark or a sub-vendor. 
  1. Please remind every parent you meet with to vote before they leave – but do not discuss any of the candidates with them during your parent-teacher conferences! Parents and community residents vote for FIVE out of EIGHT positions (six parent and two community positions, any combination of five).
  1. At the end of the day, 7 p.m., make sure that you or at least one trusted member of your team is available to watch the vote counts, and take a photo of the election form with the final results.

If you witness any activities that interfere with the election process (i.e., school staff or administrators telling people how to vote) or that violate electioneering rules (i.e., campaigning for a candidate within 50 feet of the door or near the polling station), you have only one week to file a post-election challenge. This requires five witnesses and a clear explanation of the violation(s). CPS will hold hearings to present the evidence and testify with a hearing officer.

For more information, please see the CPS LSC Election Guide.