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Last night’s election was about the repudiation of Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner, and victories in the U.S. House of Representatives and by Illinois Governor-elect J.B. Pritzker made that clear. When voters affirm humanity and reject the dangerous policies of hate, racism and divisiveness, politicians on the wrong side of the people will lose. And while we celebrate our wins, the beneficiaries of the vote have a responsibility to stand up to Trump’s hateful and dangerous rhetoric and undo Rauner’s harmful policies.

Our city and state will soon be rid of longtime friends Rauner and Rahm Emanuel, both union-hating chief executives. Last night’s Democrat victories weren’t just a blue wave—they also represented a union wave, as candidates for workers’ rights, including two CTU members, were voted into office.

Illinois voters have spoken and made clear that health care is a human right; Chicago’s public school communities deserve an elected, representative school board; our city needs rent control and affordable housing; child care and home care services must be restored; the wealthy must pay their fair share; and progressive revenue must fund public services. These must be the priorities of Governor-elect Pritzker and Chicago’s next mayor.

The same movement that elected Democrats to office is now expecting them to pass policies that restore and strengthen workers’ rights. Every single winner has to deliver on the promises of their campaigns with the support of the people who elected them and the goal of a better tomorrow for our schools and school communities.

Congratulations to our CTU-endorsed winners:

Kwame Raoul for Illinois Attorney General
Delia Ramirez for Illinois State Representative of the 4th
CTU member Aaron Ortiz for Illinois State Representative of the 1st District
CTU member Brandon Johnson for Cook County Commissioner of the 1st District