The truth of the matter is that our members voted for safety, the district blinked and now it’s lying.

The district unilaterally, and with no agreement from our union, made the decision to move the return date for K-8 teachers back to Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021. We currently have no agreement with the Board on a safe return to our school buildings.

CPS knows our members are ready for action. And they know that parents trust us when we tell them that the CPS plan is not adequate, and our buildings are not safe. The public believes educators when they say the health of their students and colleagues has not been a priority.

But we are going to continue pushing for a safe working and learning environment, and to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our school communities.

We will also not have an agreement until every member who has been disciplined or locked out of CPS has been reinstated and made whole. Because that’s what fairness and solidarity look like.

Remember, it’s not true unless you hear it from the CTU.