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Thank you for your support in our fight for quality public education and a fair contract. Parents, students, teachers and other school staff joined together to demand what our students need and deserve.

What we’ve won

Chicago Teachers Union members’ determination and your support during the strike forced the Board of Education to agree to:

  • Hire over 600 additional teachers in Art, Music, Phys Ed and other subjects
  • Maintain limits on class size, increase funding for smaller classes
  • Add a parent voice on class size committees
  • Make textbooks available on the first day of school
  • Increase racial diversity in hiring at CPS
  • Lessen the focus on standardized testing – keep the focus on teaching instead of tests
  • Provide more attention from school Social Workers and Nurses
  • Increase funding for Special Ed teachers, social workers, psychologists, classroom assistants and counselors in schools with high caseloads.

The strike is not the end of the fight for the schools Chicago’s students deserve. We need a better school day, not just a longer one. We will keep working together to stop the Mayor’s plan to close 100 schools.  The Board of Ed will continue starving schools in low income neighborhoods, denying them air conditioning, libraries, playground facilities and resources unless we fight back. We need your help to continue the fight for Educational Justice in Chicago.

We are in this together – for the schools Chicago students deserve.