Members can engage in the employee assistance program (EAP) if behavioral/mental health appointments are needed prior to when the April 1, 2020, coverage begins. You receive three free sessions. From the district:

We asked for the effective date to be earlier, however, the processing codes have to be placed in the Blue Cross Blue Shield system and notification sent to providers. That is why the effective date cannot be any sooner than April 1.

Our original message is below.

From March 22:

I received a few emails last week expressing concern that mental health treatment was not covered through telehealth. This, of course, is vitally important right now, so the CTU Grievance Department reached out to Chicago Public Schools and I am glad to report there are new terms.

Our original agreement with telehealth included standard medical needs that did not include behavioral/mental health. Starting April 1, 2020,
behavioral/mental health will now be covered.

This is PPO only, and includes health savings accounts. From the district:

The co-pays for PPO therapy are as follows:

Behavioral/Mental Health (unlimited visits)

  • Inpatient
    In network: 80% after deductible
    Out of network: 50% after deductible
  • Outpatient
    In network: 100% after $25 co-pay
    Out of network: 80% after $25 co-pay

We will provide updates when available.

Featured Image: “Mental Health” by Ximena Martínez is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0