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While some gains have been made, equity agenda in Springfield requires real leadership from Lightfoot

CTU calls on new mayor to ‘Keep the Promise’ for education equity by supporting restoration of labor bargaining rights, elected, representative school board. CHICAGO—The Chicago Teachers Union made some powerful gains in this spring’s Springfield...
Tell Springfield to help us stop “Student Based” budget cuts and layoffs

Urge your IL senator to support bargaining rights and an elected, representative school board

Our contract demands for the schools Chicago’s students deserve resonate with parents and communities across the city. But Chicago Public Schools continues to stall and deny students what we need. HB2275 is the Chicago Teachers Union’s bill to restore Union...

Mice, roach infestation and overall building neglect reaches critical point at Southwest Side elementary school

CHICAGO, April 27, 2018—Rodent infestation and general building neglect has reached a critical point at Morrill Math & Science Elementary School on the city’s Southwest Side, with teachers and school staff making a plea for assistance in what has become a daily...

Emanuel’s new bare-bones school budget fails to restore damaging cuts

“Mayor is again prioritizing paying bond holders who are laughing all the way to the banks they own – while continuing to harm our students by refusing to seek new revenue from those most able to pay,” say teachers. CHICAGO, April 17, 2018 – The new school...

State bill allowing CTU to bargain over filthy schools and overcrowded classes one step closer to passage

On Tuesday, a key legislative committee passed a bill that would once again give CTU members the right to bargain over non-salary conditions, from crowded classes to filthy schools. CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey joined public school allies to testify Tuesday in...

Today’s critical struggles are embedded in Dr. King’s vision of racial and economic justice

I write on a somber occasion – to both mark the loss of and to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Fifty years ago today, an assassin’s bullet cut down one of our nation’s most beloved civil rights leaders. Yet Dr. King’s impact – and his values...
How Should We Fund Schools in Illinois?

How Should We Fund Schools in Illinois?

Contrary to the claims of some econometric reformer types, money matters in schools. To understand why Illinois and Chicago don’t have to be like they are, we must survey the national picture of school funding. Illinois has a revenue problem, and Minnesota points the way toward a solution.