Report from the November 1, 2023 House of Delegates meeting

Our House of Delegates met tonight and discussed a number of important issues we want to summarize for you.

To serve our students with disabilities, culture shift needed at ODLSS

Just a week after our House of Delegates detailed the flagrant failings of the CPS Chief of Special Education, we learned today that new leadership is on the way at the Office of Diverse Learners Supports and Service (ODLSS). This is good news but a change at the top of ODLSS alone, without a change in the culture of the department and the policies of the district, will be another failure for our students

Election Season: Lightfoot balancing City budget on backs of Chicago public school students, families

Mayor extracts $200 million this year alone from CPS to cover Lightfoot budget hole, while school communities across city saw budgets slashed for a third year under Lightfoot.   CHICAGO, October 3, 2022 —  The Chicago Teachers Union issued the following statement in...
Episode 35: Barriers Facing Deaf Students at CPS

Episode 35: Barriers Facing Deaf Students at CPS

In this episode of CTU Speaks!, Andrea and Jim talk with Kelsey Cavanaugh, an American Sign Language interpreter for CPS, and Christa Valencia, a middle-school teacher of the deaf. They discuss the many hurdles that deaf students confront at CPS — from getting placed in a school in the first place to the inequities they experience once they get there. They also talk about some potential solutions to these problems going forward.