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Cast your vote for safety

For months, rank-and-file members have organized and agitated for an enforceable agreement that prioritizes safety, equity and trust. CPS has dragged its feet at the negotiating table, preferring to dictate terms rather than engage educators. That’s why we’re asking for all members to vote yes on taking action with the entire union in every District school!

CTU, charter operator agree to use State COVID metrics — and keep Passages students learning remotely as virus surges

CPS has consistently rejected CTU requests for those metrics standards for District-run schools, as Lightfoot refuses to waver from school reopenings and pandemic surges again in Black and Brown Chicago neighborhoods. CHICAGO, Jan. 10, 2021—Passages Charter School...

How to respond to Telework denials, health screener affidavits, and more: a FAQ for CTU members

In an attempt to intimidate educators out of exercising their rights, CPS management has sent new communications changing policies and denying legitimate requests. Below you will find guidance on responding to some of the most common situations that members are experiencing as the mayor recklessly pushes forward with a plan rejected by the vast majority of educators, parents, and principals.

Tues. 6:30A: Principals and teachers ring alarm about serious safety dangers for in-person learning

Over 50 Chicago neighborhoods at double digit positivity as educators report unclean buildings, and Black and Brown parents continue to reject in-person learning for their children. 6:30 a.m., Tuesday, Jan. 5 — Press conference, Chicago Principals & Administrators...
California dreaming

California dreaming

CPS has refused to bargain with the CTU over remote learning or return to in-person school, but educators in Los Angeles have been properly engaged by their school management. Maybe it’s because Los Angeles has an elected school board. Or, maybe, officials there realize you cannot run a school system without the workers.