Member Bulletin for November 8, 2023

Topics: Contract campaign kickoff, Nov. 15 action to teach truth, not Skyline, ASPIRA TA, National School Psychology Week, Instituto rally, CPS budget meetings and more!

Grievance Dept. wins in several cases on several fronts

Grievance Dept. wins in several cases on several fronts

A key part of protecting our rights and enforcing our hard-won contracts is challenging management when they violate our bargaining agreements — and fighting these cases all the way through the arbitration process when necessary to secure and reinforce our rights. The CTU Grievance Department has a raft of new wins to report that protect our members in both the charter and district spaces.

New podcast episode! Rating REACH

In our latest episode, co-hosts Andrea Parker and Tara Stamps talk with CTU Research Director Pavlyn Jankov to unpack how REACH ends up punishing rather than lifting up teachers, disproportionately striking at those educators of color who daily teach students coming into their buildings with the highest needs.

Pushing back against inappropriate REACH PTs before Dec. 2 deadline

This year’s performance tasks have drawn complaints from across the district for being wildly developmentally inappropriate, entirely too late, and generally doing what so many of these testing regimes do: robbing our students of vital instruction time.

Pushing back against REACH Performance Tasks

The exchange between rank and file CTU bilingual kindergarten teacher Neysa Rivera and CPS on CPS’ appallingly inappropriate 2022-23 Kindergarten Literacy REACH Performance Task, which some teachers have reported is so difficult and inappropriate it’s made...