Bargaining Update: Clinicians bargaining

Bargaining Update: Clinicians bargaining

We bargained again today with CPS on issues specifically related to clinicians, particularly OT and PT workers, who CPS is seeking to force back into buildings to provide services to students—even though CPS has yet to fully develop a safety plan or consider remote options. Predictably, we have many concerns which we’ve raised with the Board as we continue to push them to move to remote therapy services.

Notice of Election for Elementary Functional VPs

NOTICE OF ELECTION FOR ELEMENTARY FUNCTIONAL VICE PRESIDENTS CANDIDATES FOR THE ELEMENTARY FUNCTIONAL VICE PRESIDENT VACANCIES Craig A. Cleve Columbia Explorers Academy Erin Young Burbank Elementary School Gabriel Sheridan Ray Elementary School John Schussler...

Delegate Directory

A Delegate Directory is in development that will carefully share your contact information with only the other elected delegates of the Chicago Teachers Union. You can opt to withhold your information from other delegates if you choose. Information on opting out is...