Petition: Black and Brown Unity in Woodlawn and throughout Chicago

Please add your name and comment to the collective letter to Mayor Lightfoot drafted by anti-racist and immigrant rights groups from throughout the city. We will deliver your signature, your comment and the letter along with others who sign on.

Lightfoot shakes down CTU members for student campaign support in appalling failure of ethics … again

This mayor continues to refuse to provide students with what they need in their classrooms and school communities — while the mayor’s campaign strong arms educators to try to line up those students as unpaid campaign staff. This is exploitative and wrong on so many levels – and one more reason Lori Lightfoot does not deserve a second term as mayor.

Petition to Mayor: Equalize CPS Parental Leave with City Workers

On November 15, CPS officials told the CTU that CPS would recommend that the Board of Education vote to approve a new parental leave policy modeled on a similar policy available to city employees, starting on January 1st, 2023. The policy enables city workers to take up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave. In December, CPS further committed to the CTU that they were working to nail down details about the policy. Then, suddenly, in late December, the Department of Labor Relations reversed CPS’ position.

Election Season: Lightfoot balancing City budget on backs of Chicago public school students, families

Mayor extracts $200 million this year alone from CPS to cover Lightfoot budget hole, while school communities across city saw budgets slashed for a third year under Lightfoot.   CHICAGO, October 3, 2022 —  The Chicago Teachers Union issued the following statement in...