Action Alert: Urge Rep. Croke to protect ALL CPS schools

Unfounded right wing histeria has convinced some parents and even some elected officials that selective enrollment schools are on the chopping block. Not true. However, out of paranoia, Rep. Margaret Croke filed a bill to protect those selective schools — and only those schools — from budget cuts and school closures. We are asking Rep. Croke to amend her bill to protect ALL CPS schools.

CTU Springfield Legislative Update

The CTU had a very effective week in the Illinois legislature. Three pieces of CTU legislation passed the Illinois House late last week, and the Union and our legislative allies are positioning a fourth to move forward. These bills impact our ability to further organize workers in charter schools, address staffing shortages, and direct the State Board of Education to assess the educator evaluation system in Illinois.

Springfield Legislative Session Wrap-Up

The spring legislative session in Springfield has now ended – and the CTU’s legislative agenda advanced important improvements and protections for CTU members and the students and families we serve. This year had already been a huge success in the legislature – we...
Legislative Update for Spring Session 2021

Legislative Update for Spring Session 2021

The Illinois General Assembly has started its spring legislative session, and CTU is there advocating for what our schools need. Our goal is to build on our recent victories and to pass legislation that makes concrete improvements in school governance and oversight and that allows us to be more effective in our work.

COVID-19 Session Legislative Priorities

The Illinois State Legislature is meeting this week in a brief session to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, including what school reopening may look like, as well as consider a state budget that covers next school year. Please email your state rep and state senator...