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August 24 bargaining update

The mayor has touted layered mitigations as successful for our schools. Those mitigations are from the MOU we fought for last spring — she has yet to agree to them for this fall. Those strategies worked at a time when only 25% of our families returned their children to schools last winter and spring. Yet today, we have 100% of our families returning. How does this make sense?

Mayor Lightfoot’s appointed Board of Ed rejects ending racist school policies

The mayor’s handpicked school board refuses to address or remedy persistent discriminatory policies that target Black and Brown schools and educators for layoffs, closures and termination. CHICAGO, April 8, 2021—A federal judge has set a date of June 8 for a...

After decades-long struggle, Pritzker signs bill restoring CTU bargaining rights

Repeal of despised 1995 Amendatory Act gutting bargaining rights for CPS unions at last eliminates restrictions on CTU’s ability to advocate for students and families. CHICAGO, April 2, 2020—Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey issued the following...