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Jesse Sharkey: My final farewell

Dear Friends: I’ve said a lot of goodbyes over the past month or so, but this will be my last. I have this thing about long goodbyes…if you linger too long, people think you don’t want to leave! But just know that I am leaving leadership of the Chicago Teachers Union...
It is my time to move on…

It is my time to move on…

President Sharkey will not seek re-election in June, but “will not be leaving the movement, the labor struggle or this union. I will return to where my journey began: the classroom.”

August 24 bargaining update

The mayor has touted layered mitigations as successful for our schools. Those mitigations are from the MOU we fought for last spring — she has yet to agree to them for this fall. Those strategies worked at a time when only 25% of our families returned their children to schools last winter and spring. Yet today, we have 100% of our families returning. How does this make sense?